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I wish...

...I weren't disabled. I always wanted to have a family. I know I'm not going to now. Even if I could find a woman who was into me, if we got married or even lived together I'd lose my assistance from the Government. I see the people my age with kids, and I get so sad. Oh well. I guess I am lucky I got to be born, for most of history I would've died in the womb. But then I wouldn't have had to be in my mid 30s seeing people have families. Why isn't social assistance for disabled males enough for them to have families?

Prospective ghost

Hi. I’m done. Please leave me alone. I didn’t act at the right time and then only ever the wrong time. I messed up, that’s for sure. 2018 was the worst year of my life, unequivocally, and I messed up in a way that I think hurt you. It was just stupid, never malicious. I have regrets. I’m reevaluating the type of person I am and getting treatment for my ADD and anxiety. I’ve been trying to fly under the radar and stay away from you but you’ve followed me, somehow, again. I can’t help who I work with and I figured out what was going on pretty early. I just want to keep my head down and focus on my life and building something good. I want to leave the city. I can’t, not yet. You’ve won. I surrender. Please let me be a stranger.


Some people just don’t possess it. Maybe we all have different ideas about what that word means. To me it means that you don’t screw people over. You don’t use people to fulfill your own needs at the expense of theirs. You try very hard not to hurt people, and if you realize that you have, you make a sincere apology and you try not to do it again. You are a straight shooter. You’re real and honest. You don’t lead someone on to keep yourself from being lonely, if you realize that they’re in love with you, but you know you don’t feel the same. Obviously not everyone has integrity, and I’ve finally realized that as soon as I get that gut feeling that they’re not to be trusted, I need to get away before I get hurt. Some people are just snakes, and they truly have no conscience whatsoever. Learned at last, but the learning almost killed me.

Old English Lesson

In Old English, ae means two things: LAW and RIVER. God is wisdom and æ woruldbuendra. God is the wisdom and law of world-dwellers. So, if people try to deprive you of law, that is, God, it is like they are giving you poisoned water.

Stop Means Stop!

When you come to a stop sign, stop, especially if you see a pedestrian who is clearly looking at your car to make sure you notice them. Don't be a dick and keep slowly moving, to make it a guessing game. Then give me an annoyed look and hand sweep while still moving to go across. Bring your vehicle to a complete stop!

Sobriety rocks

- healthy bank account again - mental health vastly improved - physical health off the charts and back at the gym - my dick works again!

Sorry for splashing you

To the young adult with the grey jacket and light blue umbrella that I splashed at Boundary & Canada Way this morning - sorry!! It wasn't intentional; I didn't even notice the puddle

Wow, didn’t see that coming!

As a middle aged guy I sometimes partake in Viagra to help out in the bedroom. Works great but not cheap and my health benefits don’t cover ED drugs. Other day gf makes me a double-shot expresso on her fancy machine and holy crap, it was like a double-shot of Viagra! I usually drink my coffee fairly mild so this caught me by surprise. Don’t know if this is just me, but it’s recurred several times since. God bless caffeine!

Mark My Words

There will come a day my friend, where you'll find yourself in a situation, and you're going to wish that I was there.


At the Gogol Bordello Concert

I saw you right as soon as I walked into the Commodore. Your buddy and you were leaning up...

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