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Crazy Rich Asians

I've been reading Asian peoples' exclamations about this movie and I feel like I'm either jaded or not really that interested in identifying with a particular culture. That being said, for the purpose of this confession, I am Asian. I grew up here. All my friends were European or Asian growing up. And at no time did I ever wish my blonde, blue-eyed Barbie looked like me. At no time did I ever wonder why "my people" weren't represented better on TV (if they were at all). I have never felt or, frankly, been treated like I was less than anyone else because I'm identifiably Asian. So when I hear Asian people going on and on about how "our time has come" and what a coup it is to have an all-Asian cast for this movie, I feel like I'm not as excited about it as I could be or maybe should be. There were moments in my youth when I wanted to be not-Asian but those were short-lived. So I'm glad the people that were looking for representation in TV and movies are now finally finding it in this movie, but I don't really care that much. I know who I am and what I can do and no one's ever said I couldn't. I guess I just lucked out.

Yes I admit

I'm doing cartwheels watching Trump's world slowly start to crumble. Ex-campaign chairman and ex-personal lawyer BOTH going away for significant time. This is an early Christmas present, all hail to karma in the world! Watch out Orange monster, they're comin for ya!

Who's The Boss?

Every other job that I worked at has had a pretty visible owner. Now I work for a corporation, it's just layers and layers of middle management all trying to keep their jobs with no allegiance to anyone.


Freedom of speech? It's more like freedom to be an idiot around here.

Keeping my distance

You're so much better at moving on than I am. I keep wanting to talk to you, to be around you. Every time I do, and you respond as if we were never anything other than friends, it stings. I just have to do better. I'm envious of how easy this is for you.

New Normal?

This is such utter stupidity. We have satellites capable of pinpointing all of the fires. The issue here is lack of public spending on fire control, that is all it is. It's cheaper for the Government to let things burn than to put the fires out, that's all. And if the fires are the "new normal," here is a problem with a technological solution. How many of the "green" types would rather let things burn as a sort of inducement to revolution, rather than advocating for a technological solution to the problem? BC clearly needs its own civil defense airforce capable of dropping lots of water on lots of fires.

Fred x Velma

This isn't a confession, more of a question: when are you going to quit teasing and take me for a spin in that Mystery Machine of yours?


I write bad things on the internet about people who think differently than me to make me feel better about my own shitty life and beliefs.

I stumbled with words...

I think you're amazing. But it's not because of the things you do, even though you've done some amazing things. It's that you exist, and it's a sweet and lucky coincidence in my life. I never wanted you to be anyone other than who you want to be, because that's who I think is the best. And I didn't want to do anything else but pass the time really, until you knew that for sure. I feel lucky that I even ever got to meet that person, because she's awesome. So maybe I've called you beautiful, and maybe it didn't come across right, but I really missed seeing your bedhead. And I miss your stupid jokes, and I miss laughing at things together that are strictly dumb or naughty. I missed being stupid together, because we could. I missed hanging out with you when nothing's going on... I tried to compensate for things I thought might be absent in your life, but yeah, that's honestly how I've felt about you. And I can't fulfill my wildest fantasy today, of rubbing my finger between your eyebrows and look up around you. So I'll just write you a little note, and say thank you for being out there, and thank you for being you. <3

Meat party

Lots of ribs to eat


I don't know why people keep complaining that Vancouver is too expensive, to me it's only if you choose to let it. For years I've had a budget and kept close track of my finances. To me it's obvious why, but so many people have issues with it. When I first got here I was 20K in debt, had a duffel bag and two boxes. I landed a job making just over 30K before taxes. Now 4 years later the debt is all but gone and I've furnished my whole apartment. I've also gotten a better job and better pay. It wasn't easy, I had many weekends home alone, if I was even off. I slept on an air mattress for 4 months until I could buy a bed, I always shopped at the crappiest No Frills. And I still don't own a car. For all of you complaining that you can't make ends meet I'd love to have a look at your finances. If I went through them I'm sure I could fine ways to slash your spending. It's possible, the only question is if you want to radically change your lifestyle.

small penis trucks

at first i hated them but now i kind of want one too, to protect myself from them on the road.

Broke and Broker

Moved to Vancouver with a monthly budget plan that would allow me to properly pay rent, transportation, groceries, tuition, and have a little extra for fun, even if I only made minimum wage. Well, I got so screwed over because of my work and student loans that I didn't even make enough to cover my rent and fell into huge debt and depression and even now go weeks at a time with literally no money to my name because I can't afford anything out here. Vancouver makes me miserable.


Bumped into you

I was walking out of Translink gates into Waterfront Stn. and our paths literally crossed. I...