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Vegan: Impossible

Life without cheese? Not a CHANCE. That was my attitude a few years ago. But now I know how possible (and rewarding!) veganism actually is.


Looked in the mirror today, old, fat and ugly.


All these people with a hate-on for Trudeau must have amnesia after being raped for years by the Harper and Campbell governments. Sure, it's like having a black president but better than having an orange one.

Top 100 Employers of BC... versus ordinary jobs. Ordinary wins.

You get all the over-achievers who work unpaid overtime at the top-100 jobs. That is my experience working at various large companies on the top-100 list. All the best jobs that I have had are for random unknown companies. They paid almost the same, but I had a way better quality of life. Is the top 100 employers of BC thing a government-led propaganda initiative? Is it just something that comes about when people in suits shake hands and make marketing deals?

It all makes sense!

The NDP are trying to destroy the Alberta economy so BC'ers don't move there en masse like the last time the NDP was in power! It's genius!


It kind of grosses me out that he married someone who looks identical to his mother.


He just goes about appropriating the cultures of whomever he visits. Dressed up in traditional Indian attire, and visits India like that. I'm surprised he didn't paint his face brown, and talk to them with an Indian accent. Imagine if a world leader came to Canada dressed like a lumberjack or an Inuit. Trudeau is an embarrassment to us all. I feel completely embarrassed to be Canadian right now because of that clown. The world is laughing at us because of him.

I just picked up the phone

I'm not sure why but I let a great friendship lapse for 25 years, then one day picked up the phone and dialed my old friend. "It's sad", we agreed for having neglected each other so, but we just picked up like no time had passed at all.


When you have children you are responsible for them. Not the government. It is not up to the government to support your children.

A note to the editors

Why don't you publish posts were a woman is in an empowered stance against someone who is trying to hurt her? You only publish confessions were a woman is hurt, crying, complaining but not when she is strong despite what she has been through. It's just something to consider. You seem to be very biased with some of the trolls on here, you have published threats even, the same obvious troll repeatedly, but never my empowered stance against someone who is doing everything in their power to bring me down. You are either personal friends or have decided Confessions is to go a certain way. I love this forum and have read it for years, but you really deflate it with these actions.

Diet Pop

I drink diet pop by the bucket full. It’s a nasty habit I can’t seem to break. I try to hide my burps all day long and drink it until the caffeine upsets my stomach and still keep drinking it. It’s nasty. I don’t seem to be able to stop. I can’t seem to find anything that replaces that perfect cool, sweet refreshing taste. I wish I could get this under control...I guess it’s not crack but it’s still nasty.

It's all coming back to me now

During those time when you're hanging with your significant other but feeling bored of watching t.v. and doing nothing, I start thinking to myself "what would I be doing if I were single?"

the poetry of rejection

brb bbiab fell asleep just forgot the kids hid my phone too busy to think about you doing some banking aka i am ignoring you i need to not chat with you i don't really care i am not interested i am not in to you i am so over this


Robyn, Robin not grumpy in Brentwood

I was so sleepy walking into Starbucks, not ready for your morning smile and friendliness. We...