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I'm pretty sure I have some level of Depression

I can recall moments of true joy and contentment but it's fleeting...that said I don't think we're meant to be deliriously happy all the time.Life deep down is stressful but all you can do is make the best of it while it lasts.

Alright. Airport update

I made it through security and they didn’t ask me about my loose tobacco, slim filters, and rolling papers. Man... I’m always expecting confrontation even though it is completely legal, but I’m glad that international airports may see all sorts of swanky travelers who roll their own cigarettes. I easily saved enough money for this flight by rolling my own tobacco. Here we come world!


and I’m leaving on a jet plane! Don’t know if I’ll be back again... Although I’ll miss my friends and family. I cannot wait to have a beer once I get off the flight.


I’m 35 and I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

Past The "Honeymoon" Phase

I was single for 5 years and during that time, most of my friends just ignored me in favour of their partners. Now I have one too - I can do the same, but they'll never notice.

The strategy

I’ve had to start getting on the 10 bus going the opposite direction, just to get a seat during rush hour when it gets packed. The worst is at the holt Renfrew and pacific centre stops. People get on whatever bus takes them up the street and don’t leave room for those who need to take the 10 beyond broadway. Adds 10 min to my journey but at least my head isn’t in someone’s armpit.


When I go out to a restaurant on a date, I don't want to be seated at the end of a big long table full of strangers.

How to ask a man out

In today’s dating environment, you may have found that man are reluctant to approach women since an unwanted advance (ie the woman does not wish to date the man) might be perceived as threatening. Setting aside the question of whether this is a valid fear, it is obvious that in such a climate women will need to approach men they would wish to date. However, I’ve realised that women have no idea how to ask a man out. Hinting that they would like the man to ask them out by sending a friend request on Facebook or commenting positively on an Instagram post is usually seen by men as just a friend request or a positive comment and not loaded with hidden wishes for romantic engagement. You have to be more direct If not already engaged in conversation, start with a greeting (“hi” or “hello” will suffice). Follow this up with “I was wondering if you would like to go for” and then suggest an activity which would allow the both of you to spend a while engaged in quiet, one-on-one conversation. Often, this could be “a coffee” (this implies any beverage that can be purchased at the average cafe), “lunch”, “dinner”, “a walk”. Then finish with “with me”. Given that they’ve probably heard this exactly zero times from a woman in their life, they might be surprised and feel the need to confirm that you are asking them out. Just say “yes”. That’s it. The rest should follow naturally. Either they will accept and an exchange of contact information will occur followed by picking a date and time. Or they may graciously decline. Usually, they will feel the need to cite a reason such as an existing romantic partner or preference for a different gender. This is done because they realise that a flat refusal can be damaging to one’s ego. It is very rare that they might not be gracious in their refusal but they will NOTthreaten violence (either by themselves, a male colleague, or bar security staff), insult your appearance, or feel the need to share negative preconceptions with you. Thank you for reading and looking forward to a happier, more open, more egalitarian dating climate.

Freshman 15

I just sit here reading and then go to work. I’m getting so fat :( How am I going to get laid if I’m fat?

May well be

Coded messages all over these pages. Question is what makes you think they're for you?


Back ally slow cooker

Bridget. You were donating an unwanted kitchen appliance just out side your door in the west end...

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