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Anyone else notice how "1984" is not a bad thing any longer?

It's amazing how easily we've accepted Govt and corporate monitoring and surveillance of every aspect of our lives..all under the guise of keeping us "safe".....glad I'll be gone from this earth before we truly get The Hunger Games...


I don’t know why I’m even surprised. I completely expected him to behave exactly as he always had. Call me an eternal optimist, or perhaps an eternal fool, for thinking that just possibly he had finally recognized what he needed to change in order to have a successful relationship with me (or with any other woman for that matter). Of course he hadn’t! His hypocrisy is legendary. He really believes that it’s me who “doesn’t get it”, even though he dictated the parameters of the relationship up front, and when I behaved exactly as one should under those parameters, he lost it. Apparently the rules only apply to me, but he can do and say whatever he likes. I was supposed to fall into line like a good little sycophant. Well, I didn’t, and now he says he’s disappointed and hurt. He said it was so sad that I just didn’t get it. I’m not sad though. I’m just relieved that the past year of pain and suffering is now in my past, and I’ve obviously learned enough to not ever have to go through it again.

Green Savings

I'm glad I kept a good relationship with my pot dealer while everyone was going to the shops. The govt stuff (which doesn't even come from Canada) is mind-bogglingly expensive.


I had a dream about you last night, it was so hot and sexy. All the kissing and touching, just about drove me mad. I woke up wondering, would it be as good as my dream, being with you? May have to find out, now! Mmmmm


I think maybe I've been lonely since childhood.


I think the crappy social scene in this city has left me with some serious self esteem issues

Yes, I’m out of it

My place got broken into and stuff was stolen. My car died and I’m too piss broke to get a new one. My friend OD and survived the experience. My credit card was hacked. Its been a really sucky stressful year and I’m not in a great mood. So sorry if I’m not all smiles and chuckles anymore.... I’m hurting inside and don’t want to listen to pretentious bullshit. I honestly don’t have anything to offer right now.

You're cute...

But not that cute! I could sleep with you, but I won't because 10 years later I don't want you telling everyone how you were all up in that!

My primal senses are tingling.

They're telling me to get as far away from the west coast as I can, and head north, because catastrophic earth changes are coming.

I confess I love being single

And it amazes me how many people out there, both male and female jump in and out of relationships, never taking even a few months of “me” time and enjoying their own space/freedom. A lot of sad, insecure people out there.


Super store

You were in a line up at checkout 7 on your phone. Was hoping I could get you to notice me at...

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