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I thought we were friends

And so when I visited Van a couple of years ago and he was hospitalized I visited him several times thinking my visit might do him some good. He was a partner of my deceased friend and is now married. I have not heard from him since. Altho I now realize he or his now husband no longer truly wanted to associate with me I still care for him and think about him a lot.


back in the day me and 2 friends ate window pane acid and then we sang in a high school chorus concert. the music teacher looked like the devil. and then we got a case of beer went to dave's house and laughted.


I am at the pub But no one wants company COVID is dreadful We used to chat here We used to meet new people This pandemic sucks I want a Lager But all they have is cocktails I am very sad This must be quite bad If I am writing Haikus What happened to pubs

I just wish I was told the truth

Awhile ago, my former friend said she broken up with her girlfriend, and started to keep her distance from me, and avoided to have much communication with me. I care about the friendship so I approached her about it. I understand when people break up they withdraw and start to evaluate people around them. I apologized to her because sometimes I unintentionally can come across negative. I told her that I care about her. Anyways, she said it wasn't personal and she's going through grief. During my birthday, while I was driving, I saw her with "her ex" all happy together. I really don't care they're together. I just wish that former friend told me the truth that she's avoiding me because she doesn't want to continue our friendship. Anyways, I am glad to see the truth and sadly accept the friendship is now over.

Sellout covid friends

We were hanging out and then all the initial scares hit... slowly, they got paranoid and said we shouldn't hang out... but I'm pretty sure they all hang out and now they do not even respond to my messages... I am going to have to find new friends during Covid. Sucks. C'est la vie.

Making Scents of the Holidayz

Lately my neighbors seem to trying to drown out the smells of my cooking with perfumes. Better than cigarettes, I guess.

There is no one in my bubble

I'm living alone and I know we are allowed a couple of people but my friends all have spouses and kids so their bubble is already full. Around mid- December, the comments were "let's chat again in the new year. " So much for having any contact over Christmas or holidays.


My newly separated wife went to her new boyfriend's house, got drunk and sent me random videos of her masturbating in his kitchen saying she misses me while he was asleep.. I feel bad for the guy. Not sure whether to tell him what he's getting himself into or mind my business and move along. Can't wait for a divorce.


I realize I've fallen into the role of a rescuer, and I can't do it any more. I was made to do it within my family, and just carried on once I was grown. I will meet someone, either a friend or lover, who is down on their luck, and invest my emotional (and frequently monetary) resources into them, in the hope of forming a solid relationships. But I just end up getting used. Whenever I'm in need of a little help myself, guess where those parasites are?


... over a year off the cannabis. Decided to resume and wow, I am sold. Now I just need to find some LSD!



Saw you cycling along Beach Ave toward Burrard from English Bay this afternoon. Dark hair, dark...


Savage Love: Spelling of cum remains a seriously sticky issue

It's in the Scrabble dictionary but that doesn't mean that this word is universally accepted.

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