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Confrontation fatigue

There are people in my life who believe that it’s acceptable to confront anyone who says or does anything that they think is unacceptable. I mean, ANYTHING. How they speak, how they dress, absolutely everything is up for critique. When they themselves are confronted about this attitude however, they insist that they’re just offering “advice” so that whoever they’re critiquing will be able to improve. It completely escapes them that their opinions are not necessarily the “right” ones and that perhaps the other person has an equal right to their own opinion. It’s exhausting and infuriating being around them. I am much more of a go-with-the-flow type and I don’t think it’s my place to be continually advising or correcting or critiquing other people, even if they happen to be family or friends. So kindly stop sharing your opinion on everything I say, do, or wear. I promise to give you the same respect.


I don't know what to do when someone hits on me. I guess in some ways it's a good thing that it almost never happens...


A customer offered me a job today. He has eyeballed me in the past and he talks highly of me. He said "I like you" today. He said he would quote me right now, but I didn't let him. It was in front of everyone at the front desk. I got his number to call him and talk if I want to. This is the second job offer from a customer in a month and I might entertain it. It seems like it might fit a change in my life. I work in a shoe store..


My partner keeps on telling people that they "retired" from work. They did not retire, they quit a lousy job, Retiring indicates that you have some other form of income and do not have to work any longer. Just quitting and not having any income is not really retiring.....just saying......patooty.....

Time to eat

I am so hungry that I can eat a horse. I cannot wait until my roommate moves his ass out of the kitchen while always working from home.

I judge

People who post pictures on SNS of their babies/kids that are not old enough to be able to understand anything about being online. Thank god for not being born in this generation. I would have hated my parents for the rest of my life if they had done that of me.

Pandemic thoughts

I don’t think I’ll be comfortable being around crowds or busy places ever again. And I am okay with that.

I Can't Understand You!

I have listened to music way too loud for a way too long on my phone. Now I cannot understand when people are saying to me when there is background noise and they have on a thick cloth mask. Add in plexi-glass and I'm done. I just nod and grin. It's me, not you. Thank you for wearing a mask (for real) for all workers that have to wear a mask all day, you are awesome. Sorry, I can't understand what you are saying. I am not trying to add frustration to your day.

The thrill is gone

My one lifelong love, music, sweet music, no longer gives me any pleasure. I don't know what happened. I don't want to listen to it anymore, I don't enjoy playing guitar like I used to. I have had many hobbies and interests come and go, but music has been my main passion for decades. And now it is fading. I find this terrifying.


I've shipped weed to my place of work. That's legal, right?


You helped me, I want to dat...thank you!

I was riding my mountain bike and you were on a road bike. I was stopped on Fern St in North Van...


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