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Outreach worker

I just spent a lot of time with my clients today. Many of them live in Oppenheimer park. I stay safe with masks and eye shields to protect them also. I go shopping after work in Burnaby at a Safeway and I hear the butcher talking about how we are all just in a false sense of reality with our masks.Staring at me. Asshole. You could never do my job...If I told you where I worked today you would jump back like 80 percent of people. I don’t even bother saying where I work anymore.

Coronavirus 1, Humans 0

This thing is smarter than we are. It’s adapted and mutated and it’s hitched rides and lives on every continent except Antarctica. Us humans have the scientific knowledge and have had other countries experience the spread 2-3 months before us, but we’ve failed to use that information wisely and tactfully. This tiny puny virus measuring between 0.05 to 0.2 microns has found our weaknesses. It doesn’t care about our social constructs of money, the stock market, personal freedoms; only we do. Do we have the fortitude to adapt our behaviour to deal with this thing? Or does our arrogance, exceptionalism and partisan viewpoint win and we die?


I just saw my neighbour who had a baby a few months ago out chilling in her back yard. She was milking her tits into plastic bags! Like a cow! It might be the hottest thing I have ever seen.


I'm an honest salesman, but there are times where I need to lie a little bit. I need to look after myself too, y'know.

I met him

When I moved here. Slightly unconventional. Actually a lot. Crazy about him. Music. Sober. Conversation walks. Coffee. Well not much but I wished. But alas he’s a FOMO and no one will ever be enough. I’ll sing. Instead.

This WFH thing won’t last forever

So taking advantage of the empty streets and doing lots of running. It’s reshaped my body because I am not a runner. Even with all the sitting and eating at home, one month of running has made a visible difference. In times of change I look for opportunities for improving.

I’m scared

I did not have a job to lose because of Covid but I unfortunately started looking for one in January and I cannot find one since! My experience is only in retail and hospitality and these are some of the hardest hit industries. Of course they aren’t hiring now. Because I didn’t lose a job, I am not eligible for any benefits and every official channel I try emailing to ask about what help is available has not gotten back to me. Why are people who were lucky enough to be working already when all this happened the ones that are helped? My Savings are now less than 100$ and I’m royally fucked. I am all alone. Im at the point I wish I would get the virus and die.

Most pointless OkCupid convos

Now people just want to talk but have no long term plan of meeting up. What a ridiculous uptime. I think much of the people on OkCupid are crazy.

Some people...they just suck

My landlord doesn’t give a shit about my quiet enjoyment. His family is frugal and he won’t help With the problem. I now have to stand in and call the right people myself...take it off the rent

alls good

I feel a little bit frightened by the worlds instability due to covid, but not so much anxiety, hopelessness and depression as pre-covid. Deep sadness for those lost, deep gratefulness for us here in BC. Really, I don't miss much.


English Bay beach green hair/green jacket...

You: On a bike but had stopped at a bench in front of a way-too-busy English Bay beach on Sunday....

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