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There's a Bryan Adams song that is partly filmed on Granville in the 1980's. Watching it makes me miss the sleepy city I grew up knowing. I was just a kid and I love the feelings the video invokes. not meant to be a commentary on todays Vancouver. Like Sarah McGlachlan songs... music videos that tell a timeless tale of Vancouver's warm nights and beautiful sunrises.

Toilet Humour

I think it’s funny (not funny haha but rather ooh odd and not awesome) how many cafes there are downtown that don’t have a bathroom. I feel less compelled to make the trek downtown when I can’t relieve myself in places that I go to for fun, food, respite.

So much raw onion

I really enjoy it on sandwiches, and I work in IT at an office with the same guy every day who is my boss, so I don't much care if I have a lot of onions on my sandwiches. It's really nice. Onion kicks-ass... I drink a lot of coffee though. It makes me wonder if I have onion-coffee breath (I know I do).... but once again, I just share an office with my boss, so it's all good.

I Confess

I am scared to drive in this city, so many reckless drivers blowing thru red lights, stop signs, aggressive, crazy speeding. been here 6 months and I have never seen a traffic cop. wtf

Wouldn’t it be smart?

If I followed through on all of those “to do” list items? I can’t though. I just run out of energy after work. If I push myself to complete them, then I become depleted at work. We need the 4 day work week political party, man...

Inane garbage

Anyone else here read Perez Hilton's blogger page "Pagesixsixsix 'gossip gone straight to hell '" or whatever the byline was in 2004ish? I quit reading when he shut that page down, but now I feel guilty for feeding into the gossip industry.

I confess

I guess I blew it. Maybe it was the coffee and cigarette breath. I don't know, my mind was off when she talked to me. I'd love a do over, but I doubt it's in the cards. Story if my life lately. Nothing I want works out.

White Flag

The world is changing fast and so has the demeanor at my place of work because of it. It used to be a fun place to work at before this wave, I sure as bloody hell hope it's just a wave and will end, of sensitive people have combed the earth with their serious and very much political opinions ultimately annihilating all the fun an individual could have while we are stuck in "jail" for most of our days. I also extend this to general life out there now. The people at my job have changed and converted over...I have not and will not. I am me and if you don't like who I am please fuck off. This attitude also gets me in trouble in today's world. I won't conform, so what do I do? Happy Medium somewhere. Pretend for 8 hours and then Dr. Jekyll turns to Mr. Hyde. I can't win against the tender.

Gross government obsession

I find it gross that millennials love the government . They are maybe the only generation to blindly support them. I worry about them... poor children are in for a rude awakening once that government slowly strangled the life and freedom out of them and tax them even more.

I am captain of the ocean

The reason that I like having a boat is that it gives me complete freedom of my destiny unlike those city slickers stuck on roads. Unlike them, I can become an oyster farmer, a salmon farmer, whale enviro helper, a wonderful ice berg ice cube harvester, or a kelp farmer. All of those landlocked losers are wasting away in offices... meanwhile I am free!


Long beautiful curly brown hair

You were wiping the water off the customer seat on the patio at bakery brewery. Sunday. Feb 16...

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