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Not a mind reader

If you’re not willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable, don’t expect others to read your mind. It takes guts to show your real intentions and feelings, and the guys who think that acting cool and casual, or that you don’t care if you’re with them or not, makes you manly are mistaken. It makes you seem afraid and it’s a complete turn off. If you genuinely want to be with someone, ffs tell them how you really feel! If you can’t do that then don’t feel sorry for yourself if that person leaves because they don’t think you really care.

This is 40

Well, almost. I'm 39, and I'm starting to feel it. I've been slowly losing hair since 25 or so sure... but now it grows in my nose and my ears. My eyebrows are getting longer. I get Botox for forehead wrinkles. My legs hurt often. I think I sat too much during covid and no matter how much I move now I can't seem to reverse the damage. Sex used to take (much) longer...and now I get 24 hours of multidirectional peeing after. Oh yeah, and I became allergic to almost every food I used to enjoy about 5 years ago and it hasn't improved. How the heck do people live into their 70s or 80s? I'm going to be a disaster.

Caught myself doing it again

Doubling down on becoming the person they want me to be instead of doing the work to become the person I want me to be. Guiding myself gently off autopilot and getting back on course.

It's corruption, plain and simple

I am on PWD, I make very little money but am unable to do most work. I live in an sro and I was thinking about the "housing crisis". Many of the people living in my 55+ building are in their 30's and have construction jobs. Last time I checked construction jobs are well paying so how is it that these people are living in low income housing? BC housing.

Moving on

I use to write here regularly. More replies that confessions, but there is so much negativity and hurting people on here and postings that sound like my situation, but that I realize are not, so I’ve switched over to Sincerely. It’s also anonymous, but less anonymous than here. I have given up Cause it is time to Move on.

I finally realized…

I have to let you go. You will never, ever let yourself be happy in any other family configuration, other than the old school. Your complete obsession with her will never end, so just submit to it. I can’t stand watching how much power you let her have…I never thought that this is what would be, after finally having our time together…Good Luck

River runs through me

I confess I'm desperately lonely even though I'm surrounded by people. Is this truly common in Vancouver and if so, how have you combatted it? I have coworkers, a family, a church community, kind neighbours and people I think of as acquaintances, but the reality is I don't feel much of a connection with any of them. What's wrong with me? I long for meaningful friendships with all of my heart.

You played the field including me

I saw it. We all knew it. I heard it on the beach. You came by my place after seeing her. If that is polyamory. Keep It. I'm infinitely more happy without your dirty d

Nowhere safe

I entertained the idea of getting a place in northern BC to flee climate change. Boy, was I wrong: Fort St John entirely under wildfire evacuation alert. In May, not even June or July (summer). All those beautiful places like Penticton, Kamloops covered in smoke now, again in May. Doesn’t feel like escaping now is possible.

Religion boom boom

Religion is like social media.... about exploiting your emotions and all about control and controlling your emotions and actions and basically wil lose the will to think for yourself.


a long time ago

We met at Trinity B.C. you asked me a question about forgiveness and I gave you an answer which...

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