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Baby steps

For years I have resisted using self-checkouts. Part of it is that I prefer to interact with someone, but it is also partly due to fear. I was scared I wouldn't know how to use them. I finally used one the other day and it went fine. I didn't embarrass myself, sirens didn't go off, people didn't stop and point and shout "Look at that person who doesn't know how to use a self checkout." The world didn't end, and now I feel slightly less anxious about doing things I have never done before.

I miss Someone too.

I can not look at love the way it was. I was so stupid, I was not fair and child like. I guess that's why I have been punishing myself. I put my attention in another, one I knew I was never going to be with. I hate being alone but how do you tell someone who nearly killed you for mistakes you made( not intentionally). I do want you and I to speak. I'm just as lost as you and have been ever since I last saw you there and here. Yes! Lets Talk. I have tried reaching you at an old # I have on a picture ;-) anyways I hope my dodging ways have not prevented a conversation. I'm sorry that you are suffering that is not my plan at all, I've wanted quite the contrary for you. I knew and have been reading your thoughts that you've sent out. Lets have that convo and make it face to face. I'm not sure how, it feels like there are other forces at play. I love you and I was a asshole to an end I didn't want or even saw coming. Sorry ilu imu.

Dear Old Ladies

It's not a personal attack that my stride is longer and I'm going to pass you on the trail. I finished at the same time as yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that. Don't make it weird.


Completely overcome by nausea at the corner of Keefer and Carrall and got sick behind the park bench. Tried to be as discreet as possible but for anyone who witnessed that little spectacle, I'm truly sorry.

The Meuller report

Over two years, not even mass shootings could push the Trump investigation off front pages for more than a few hours. And now today a cruise ship slightly adrift has pushed it off the front pages based on the outcome of the report not being bad for Trump. A cruise ship. Not a bunch of deaths. just a powerless cruise ship. wow.

Hesitant about dating again

I really would like to get back to dating but I just don't think I am/feel attractive at the moment and I know I need to work on myself but part of me still would like to try to put myself out there again.

To all the evangelical christians

Do you get horny so much, you rub you private parts with your bible during bible study?, Hope that doesn't offend you, after all only left wingers/SJW's get offended according to you


you deleted your account

your name on tinder was "cha", i enjoyed the way you talk though you asked me to hang...

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