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Mystified by my fellow Canadians

How can the morality of the country have changed so radically. I do not understand it. So many people think that fraud is all right? It was reported in a story published on the CTV News website on February 24, 2023: "Nearly half of Canadians say they think mortgage fraud is common in Canada, while a sizeable portion think it’s acceptable to inflate income or misrepresent your employment to secure a mortgage. Those were the findings of the latest BNN Bloomberg and RATESDOTCA survey, conducted by Leger. The survey was sent out to respondents in mid-February, and surveyed 1,521 Canadian over the age of 18. Mortgage fraud can take several forms — this includes falsifying income, lying about a part-time or contract role, being full time or misrepresenting the source of your down payment, among other lies or omissions. The survey found that while 70 per cent of Canadians say artificially inflating one’s income on a mortgage is never acceptable, 17 per cent of respondents said it is".

I am a horrible person

I report my neighbours to the city who don’t shovel their sidewalk.

Beyond reach.

Worse than being alone is being surrounded by people who make you feel cold, isolated and lonely. Cold on the inside, chilled to your bones, a desperate kind of sadness. I have a favourite YouTuber who uploads new videos almost daily and to remain sane, I pretend she and I are friends and she's in my corner, supporting me, encouraging me, cheering me on. It's a pretty sad state of affairs. I want to have a life like hers. Not fancy objects, not interested in materialism, just surrounded by kindness and community, in a safe space of my own. Those things feel like luxuries out of my reach.


Does anybody else experience telepathy that they generally hate? And is medication resistant, like real telepathy? It's not a ghost, it's not a spirit guide, tho they might say these things, its just an ahole or a few with a trick.anybody else talking to that person/them?


I’m backsliding. Any progress gained revealed an unburdened jerk. I wasn’t thinking about love. Too painful to even hope for. But then I allowed myself to try beyond my reach. You can’t fix me. You can’t accept me. And it’s fine. That’s not your job. It was an ambitious experiment. Enough now. Lay out the flowers.

I just want to go to Mars

Because the world is going to shit. I don't believe they made fun of Megan Markle on south park! That's soooo bad!!!

I wonder if it works sometimes

When I compost, I like to ensure I put everything I can in there. I wonder what would happen if I shit in the compost. Theoretically, nothing. It should just biodegrade and compost like everything else. The earth worms would love it. Is it allowed?

I cuddve done better

Omg I missed out on life harrrd. ohh so many chances i wish i took and people i should have dismissed and people i should have gone for. I wouldnt say it worked out but its probably about the same anyways, plus i kind of sucked and their definitely better off than having been involved in my shiz. Oh well, over kill, over the hill and we're all alright.


You and your sister were at the next table

You and your sister were at the next table, eating. I asked if you were eating chicken or squid....

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