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My friend is totally grumpy until he has a puff (& he has to smoke almost everyday) - is that addicted?

Okay, great...

....even long term Toronto cynics like me can appreciate that winning an NBA title is very special. Some good story lines,; true role models in K. Leonard and Fred Van Fleet, and an opportunity to showcase Toronto’s diverse fan base. But, could someone just please pack up Drake and his entourage now? Box them up and put them in storage for next year. Please, before it becomes the Raptors curse.


I. Am. Learning. Great. Patience. Oh. My. God. I week of chaperoning around Vancouver with her is worth years in some Tibetan monastery.

I feel so embarrassed

I helped you today with buying something. We met a few days ago and you said you’d come back today. I was completely smitten and hopeful to see you again. I thought we got along pretty well. Today I felt like I was making you uncomfortable by talking too much and I feel awful. Totally unprofessional. Sorry :(

Come and I will sing you

All I want to do is sing. But that is the thing I am most afraid to do. Why is it like that? Why are the things that are so close to our hearts the things we are most terrified of expressing? I know not everyone is like that, some people are just totally free and don't seem self-conscious about expressing themselves. But I have a bird in my heart that wants to fly, and I keep it caged, repressed, barely alive, and show it to no one. It's so painful but I keep doing it.

It’s sad when love goes

I confess that I’m feeling sad because I’m not in love anymore. It was like a constant that was always there, even though it was mostly heartbreaking. Now that I’ve realized that I don’t feel the same way about him, letting it go for one last time feels bittersweet. Now I have to get my mind wrapped around the idea of meeting someone new for the first time in so long. It’s daunting but exhilarating all at once. Single guys in your 50’s, I’m looking for you!

Brunch with a twist

I want to take an adventurous girl out for brunch, but have her slide into a pair of vibrating panties first so I can make her cum in public while we eat. Is that too much to ask? A pleasant conversation and some pleasure for her

My old studio

Is now gone, replaced with fresh looking dirt and a few small evergreens.

Now that weed is legal

I'm not doing it anymore. It's not as rebellious. That was 99% of the fun.

Live life

I’m honestly okay living the rest of my life without a blowjob. I’ve been there and had my fill with that.


Super store

You were in a line up at checkout 7 on your phone. Was hoping I could get you to notice me at...

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