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It's so nice to see her again

I never expected it. But in the new Star Trek, Seven of Nine comes back. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! She is sooooo hot and amazing!

I hate my roommate

It's just brutal. She's so uptight and fake. I try to get on the same page and be that fake cheery... but then I turn fake. Ugh. It's so draining too. It's like acting.

I wish I’d never signed

The effects of what he did have literally decimated my life in every way. It happened long before #Metoo. He had all the power and the money of a big organization and law firm behind him. I was trying to recover from a complete breakdown as a result of being subjected to relentless and ongoing psychological abuse for years, was out of a job (3 guesses why), and had no money or the emotional strength to cope with a trial. I also knew that I would be the one on trial, not him. Anyone who really believes that a woman would make a public accusation of sexual harassment by a powerful person just for the hell of it is nuts. We all know what those victims are subjected to in a trial, which explains why so few situations like this get reported. Now that I’ve lived all these years with the horrible side effects of the trauma he subjected me to, I wish I could go back I n time and never sign that non-disclosure agreement for the pittance that I got. Times are different now. I might have had a fighting chance. But all I can do now is hope that he rots in hell after a very long, drawn out, debilitating illness.

Raised my spirtis!

I just bought cigarettes at the local gas station and the ladies couldn't believe I am 34! Yahooo!! Still lookin' young!!

How did this happen

My former husband of 22 years, the father of my 3 children, went back to his highschool girlfriend a few months after he left me. My kids love her, they do family style stuff with him, her & her kids all the time. It's like *we* never existed. And yet I am still alive. This is the kind of thing that would have me suicidal and probably will again. I don't understand how people can treat each other so badly. He always had a thing for her but even I am shocked it has come to this. And her? Her? She was at my wedding. Her ex was my ex's best friend and my daughter's godfather. We planned showers for each other. I cannot believe I am able to wake up every day and live my life with this level of betrayal. I can barely talk to my kids about this. My strength is not what it should be. How am I still alive when others have deemed me this worthless?

Age Is a Number

I met this great guy but the problem is I am 36 and he's 20. The sex is amazing and he's so much fun to be around. Its just I want a family and he isn't ready. He's still is in college and living with roommates. I feel like I am holding him back sometimes. I just feel so stupid because I knew how old he was when I fell in love with him.

Things I've Done and Never Told Anyone!

I was driving in Queensland Australia when I came across a large python stretched across the road. I grabbed the python, which was about 10ft by the tail and dragged it off the road because I knew if I didn't, it would get run over. I'm not particularly skilled with snakes though I'm not totally afraid of them either. However, I did jump when the snake swung around at me with it's huge mouth open wide. True story.

I hate stuff sometimes

I hate the nerd Romulan in Star Trek: Picard that is dating the robot. He's just sooo annoying. Why does the Romulan have an English accent? You know they're trying to hard to make him seem charming. He isn't.

Sardines on sandwiches

It's my new lunch routine. Oh no... I don't put it in the microwave. I'm not a jerk like that... but hey, may as well enjoy lunch. It's stellar, yummy, and fishy... I love the tangy tomato sauce that it comes with. It's my new fad diet :)


Looking for a non-chain cafe near Burrard...

I was waiting to cross the road on the corner of Granville St and Dunsmuir St. You came up to me...

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