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Change or Die

I have an image of myself that is hard to challenge. Am I being inauthentic if I try something different and would I be betraying myself? Perhaps it’s best to accept myself as I am in this moment and still try new activities that help me move towards good things. I love being a loner and also would deeply value a relationship with a life partner. It’s painful recognizing my disorganized attachment style and I feel broken. Change is possible yet feels insurmountable, and expensive. With my face in my hands I think I have a better chance of being granted MAID. I’ll give myself a year.

Tantrum baby

What is wrong with grown men who throw infantile tantrums whenever they have some type of disagreement? There’s a guy in my neighbourhood who is always screaming at someone for something. When I first moved in he got upset that I had left some boxes near the door of the building because I couldn’t carry them all and I was taking trips. He freaked out yelling as if it was a massive inconvenience and I had done something unforgivable. I told him to calm the f*** down and he’s never spoken to me again. But I hear him doing the same thing to other people at least a couple of times a week. It’s so obnoxious and he’s making a complete ass of himself. I just don’t get why people like him think that’s okay.

Just a matter of When, not "If"

I have this problem of climate anxiety. I love this warm, sunny weather like most people and do the things I enjoy in this summer-like temperature. But I have this feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop, of impending doom, knowing that this warm, dry weather, will likely lead to explosive wildfires affecting Southern BC soon. It's already happening in Nova Scotia, Northern BC, Alberta. And it just a matter of time when California, Oregon, Washington and BC get shrouded in grey like it has in past summers. Weeks on end of smoky skies, red fireball sunsets, that burning feeling in my eyes and that film on my skin. I feel a crushing sadness when I see flames shooting out of the forests and trees in the news. Everyone's all out there and enjoying life, but I feel uneasy and unsure and maybe I should just stick my head in the sand like everyone else, and not change, not care, just drive around aimlessly in a car, it's sunny and who cares about tomorrow.

I'm so terribly confused about women

I've been told that women are independent and equal to men, and then on dating apps, I see that a lot of women are looking for dominant men. Do you understand why men are so confused now? This isn't to be mean, but I feel like the problem is being inadequately discussed in society and we are only allowed to tell one side of the story. If this is a true liberal society, then individuals should ultimately decide what is right for them. This is really more of a question than a comment. Am I crazy or is this for real?


Every summer, my sister flips out over the same thing, and it drives me bonkers. We will picnic, and despite dozens of corrections, she will freak out over the "bees" swarming around her. They are WASPS. We have corrected her numerous times "Hey, it's a wasp, not a bee", and it never sinks in. These are two very different organisms, and they deserve recognition for what they are. Every year, she uses the same wrong term, and it just shows how unwilling she is to learn new things from people. If I make a mistake with a word or thing, I want to be corrected with the right word or category; I want to learn. But my sister just won't learn new things and is just on basic repeat for infinity. I tried to help her save money by doing something another way; I offered to pay for half her lawyer fees over a legal matter. It's just Nope Nope Nope. Will never try a new way, never wants to even THINK about a new way. No adapting. This is why I never want to see her. I've watched this syndicated episode dozens of times already, and I already know the ending.


I gotta say, subways gotten a little bit bitter this last year. those prices though are brutal.

Mind blowing

I can’t wrap my brain around it. I’ve tried really hard to understand how their mind works but it’s a mystery to me. How someone can act so badly and treat another person like they’re invisible or don’t matter at all and then turn around and act like nothing changed. Like nothing that was said was said, and nothing that was done was done. It’s almost as if they’re psychotic or something how convincing they are . Like they just completely ignore anything they don’t want and carry on like they don’t remember anything about it. It’s scary as hell actually and it’s just more evidence that they’re not a well person. I’m making myself nuts trying to make sense of it so I’m not going to bother. Block.

I don't know

I can't seem to find the right place. I figured out that people annoy me. They are so annoying ! Their stupid conversations about shit that doesn't even matter, the fact that they have no common sense. So obtuse and self righteous. Maybe it's me but I can't take it. I just want piece and quiet in a beautiful place with someone that has a brain and knows how to use it. Is that to much to ask ?

My Experience

I am an average looking guy but I work out a lot so I am in really good shape. I have a regular office job as well. I don't quite understand why so many guys are saying its so hard to meet women. I walk down the street and a few women smile at me. Last night I was out and this drunk woman was screaming at me and wanted my name and number. On dating sites I can get 1 or 2 dates a week. I think guys just need to get in shape and put themselves out there to get women. Just hanging out at home using Tinder isn't going to do it. I am tired of guys saying that women in Vancouver are awful.

Saving Myself

I spent my 20's sleeping with Bartenders, Musicians, Firemen etc. I just hit 30 and I have now made an important decision. I am saving myself until marriage starting now.


a long time ago

We met at Trinity B.C. you asked me a question about forgiveness and I gave you an answer which...

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