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Male chastity

Recently I have discovered that the idea of surrendering my sexual release to my wife by a male chastity turns me on. We both really don’t have any kinks in this direction. I’m quite confused now and don’t know what to think of me as a man. I’m questioning, is this just a fantasy or something more, but there is no easy way to figure this out. From what I found on the internet it requires quite a commitment from both partners. There is a big difference if you put this just for short play time, or for long time that follows with change in the dynamics of the relationship. So finally, my question is did you went through the process and what was your experience, was it worth it? Thank you very much for sharing.

Not really a Confession in the traditional sense

But a bit of commentary. As a cis lesbian I feel drag kings, lesbians, non binary folx 2 spirited people in the indigenous communities & those in the trans community are being thrown under the bus sort sort of speak what with the stuff regarding drag shows with drag queens, why is it always about drag queens? Where are the drag kings? The LGBTQ2s community is not just drag queens...... anyways my little commentary.

Someone else with the same name

When I see a movie in a theatre I always read the credits to see if someone with the same name as me shows up. So far I guess I’m the only one with my name.

In Love

I met this guy and went back to my place and he was amazing in bed. I orgasmed about 20 times in one night. Now he wants to meet up again and am I stupid for thinking he isn't sleeping with other women? Could he just only be sleeping with me? I am starting to fall for this man.

Weird Belly Fetish

I'm not generally attracted to overweight women. I'm not trying to shame here, but it just doesn't do anything for me. I'm also not typically turned on by skinny women. But a skinny woman with a bit of a belly... the rarest of combinations. The frog girl hotty... WOW. I guess we can't choose what makes the fireworks.

BC Place

In so called 'primitive' societies there is a hut where women on the rag hang out and I was thinking we could use BC Place stadium for this since it just sits there empty most of the time.

A special day

And I Love You…. Just thought you should know! Always and Forever.

Daily Fix

Addicted to confessions. My secret shame. Life without daily confession updates isn't life at all. Awaiting your sweet word juice...

Now here’s the big difference…

You would have never been ALONE if we stayed together, I was your biggest cheerleader. We could have found a different way. Now that is over, you knew that was the last chance.


a long time ago

We met at Trinity B.C. you asked me a question about forgiveness and I gave you an answer which...

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