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I was reckless when I was in my 20's. I miss that.

Hairy is hot

Saw a fashion show online where the model had a skateboard andhe was wearing a shrunk sweater showing his tummy with a hairy happy trail and the tightest shorts with the fly down, his pubes exposed. He wasn't a skinny model, he was beefy. I don't care for long hair but he was hairy in all the right places and I keep going back and looking at that pic because he's super sexy. Body hair does that, makes a guy sexy as hell!


The simplest solution to the airline passengers' seat-upright or seat-back divide, is for everyone to put their seats back. That'll take care of 98% of the complaints (2% coming from the last row).

Thanks for crying ... it made a difference

You thanked me from the bottom of your heart for showing you the way back to playing your cello again after 30 heartbreaking years of silence. Then you cried and said you felt indebted to me. But for me, I never considered that rediscovering my dreams after all these years would have given me the ability to help others. I’m speechless with gratitude for discovering this process. Life is tough but sometimes it has indescribably sweet edges.

Taking the West Van buses

I love how they are blue colored and unique and interesting. It makes my bus ride enjoyable and pleasant. Goodbye other buses!

Missed Seeing You

On the train. I'm inexplicably much more myself whenever I see your blonde streaked hair.

Mio confessionaire

Getting very tired of an acquaintance that continually speaks out their ass like it's fact. The only expertise they have seems to be being wrong whenever they open their mouths. So tiring, it's exactly like listening to Trump speak. Saying bullshit like it's fact just makes you look like a bigger idiot thsn you are. Think FFS.

Get A Partner?

Haha, nope. I'm just contemplating whether I should get more cats.

My idea of fun

Is going pantless at parties. Nobody seems to care around 1am. It just becomes acceptable.

Smoking Paradox

Can I really be in love with a smoker when the neighbor's smoke disgusts me so much?



First saw you behind us on the beachs... you were adjusting your lounge chair "of course you...

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