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Two Can Play

Padded Bras. Invisible bra straps. Well, I've been prancing about with a ball of socks in my undies. I can deceive just as well.

Hate the blues

Im talking about the music. I really hate it. It sounds so freaking boring and redundant. Sadly, one of my best friends is ALL ABOUT the blues and wont shut up about it. I mean, I respect pretty much any musician, but man... the blues sucks.

I think

my 90 year-old grandma is an ass hole. She lives alone in the huge West Van property that my grandfather paid for, collecting his pension, while the rest of the family struggles to get by in Vancouver. She is completely dependent on my parents and makes them drive across the city twice a week to bring her groceries and do chores around the house. She has no friends and fights with people all the time. She tried to tell me that I should move in with her and became extremely angry when I politely refused. Everything is about her and she does nothing for anyone.

A true friend

I came off as petty or jealous when an ex took a chance on a business venture a few years ago. Maybe I was. But my vocalness came from a place of truth. The area was slated for redevelopment and that was likely why it came available. The new adventure with the new relationship was short lived. COVID was the first blow, and now redevelopment is in full swing. A friend tells you the truth, even if it hurts, a person trying to get laid tells you what you wanna hear even if leads to financial and personal disaster.

Sad changes

We cannot go out and party anymore... Everyone has to work from home or find a new job... and I cannot circumvent the rules for my big fat wedding coming up...

Where oh whereeee

I suddenly have that sad shitty song cover 'Last Kiss' by Pearl Jam running through my head the past few days. I don't think I heard it anywhere and it's not even a song I like. So weird!


Now they tell me. I already ate the smoked salmon. I'm not feeling ill, but I guess I should talk to my doctor. Hahahaha, shit.

Losing friends to covid.

Thank goodness not becoming sick and dying, but losing long time friends because I don't strongly agree that covid is some scheme developed by the uber rich to control the population. covid has been exhausting for everyone, I don't feel the need to eat, sleep, and shit conspiracy theories. Everyone runs their own race I guess.

Long weekend

Felt more relaxed than I have in ages from having the extra day off. I know a lot of people have worked this weekend, so don’t wanna whine, but it’s a shame we can’t get more days off or the shorter week here or there during the pandemic.

Good Cop Bad Cop Parenting Fail

When I was young, my parents decided that the one who was a psychologist would discipline me (and they would abuse the good cop if they defended me). Safe to say, I have a better relationship with the Good Cop.


Tracey/ Tracy, West End nature lover/...

Saturday morning in the Timmy's, corner of Denman and Nelson; you were buying chamomille tea...


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