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I can’t do it anymore I am done between the pandemic and all the craziness in the world I just can’t deal with it anymore. I have officially hit my breaking point. Done

Damn calendars

Apparently the calendar makers devised a little twist of the dagger to the heart of us singletons, that both Valentines and Family Day come so close together, just to remind us that we are unqualified for either.

No Valentime

I really can't handle thinking of all the people having sex. It's been a year for me because of this situation...

Our first Valentines together

I wanted it to be special. I made a reservation at the restaurant where we had our first date. But when I told my gf, she told me that she and her friends had a tradition of a non-romantic get-together on Valentines Day. So I cancelled the reservation and we went to this non-Valentines Valentines - us, her best friend and her bf, and my gf's best guy friend. After we broke up, I found out that my gf was actually in an open marriage with this "best guy friend". I was the only one not let in on the secret. The non-romantic get-together was so that he didn't feel left out on Valentines Day.


I got a call from public health Authority last week and I’ve been told to self isolate. All because of a covid outbreak at work. This whole ordeal has been causing me to feel very depressed. I’m starting to have thoughts of suicide. Yes I do sound crazy but the way I’m feeling, I could care less if I died of Covid.

Who Trains Who?

As soon as I roll a joint, my dog knows they are going outside and gets excited.


If I got handed me a plane ticket, $1000 and a week off - the person I'd want to spend it with would never have the time (for a phone call even).

Oh well

Turns out I am just as much of a jerk when I'm sober as I was when I was an alcoholic.

Tired of this

I'm the scapegoat of my family. "Why did you do this, why did you eat all of that, stop this, stop that"...tired of being the one that's a house of 6 people SURELY I can't be to blame for everything. For fuck sakes.

Tippy toes

Lately whenever I go on my tippy toes to reach something in the kitchen it reminds me of a day 10 years ago. Makes me smile. Bittersweet memory.


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