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Sex on MDMA

I've heard many stories about it. I've always wanted to try it. I've had sex on weed. It was a pretty mellow experience. Sativa gave me quite a stoner boner. Indica felt more suitable for cuddles. Then I tried having sex on cocaine. My eyes were wide open but I couldn't get it up. Now I think I'd like to see what's it's like to do the whoopie on Molly. Only problem is I'm not sure where to get some Molly.

Does this happen to anyone else?

I met probably the hottest person I have ever talked to in my entire life yesterday afternoon, I couldn't sleep and have been distracted from work all day. They have a large online presence so I began looking them up and now I have knots in my stomach and this feels overwhelming for like a 3 minute interaction? I do not like the mental gymnastics of a crush.

I feel like my psycho ex

is tracking me via my phone remotely. Is this even possible to do -- keep tabs on someone using their phone or have I gone insane?

Life Struggles

My husband has a 3 year old son from a previous relationship and the mother is a drug addict/prostitute so he has full custody now. I don't hate the kid but he isn't my kid. I had no problems with him spending weekends with us but 7 days a week is too much. Everything now revolves around him. He converted my gym which is an oasis from the world into his bedroom. I argue with my husband about him on a daily basis. He should spend an equal amount of time with each of us. I mean his mother lives in a halfway house now so I think she's in a position to look after him a little more. This is something she has been pushing for. I didn't sign up to be looking after someone's kid.

Going to the park

Every day at the park, I sit on my blanket by myself... and people watch. Everyone seems to have friends, except me. I just wonder how they make friends like that. I try to be friendly and open-minded about people and their views, but I always get about as far as a glance and a first judgment from people that results in a poor first impression. What is it about how I look or how I act, I wonder? I feel like this city hates me. Friends are only for people who fit a particular cool niche and monetary/social status.

Free at last

For the past five years I have had to deal with a super toxic co worker this person was awful to be around caused problems all the time and got away with it. The line was finally crossed and the powers at be fired this person. Now I have peace in my work place again happy days.

Problem With Vancouver

When I was a boy Vancouver was my playground. I would take the trolley wherever and whenever I wanted. We would ride our bicycles all over the city and whistle at the pretty girls at the beach. When we were older we would take our cars to makeout point. If we ever had an argument we would settle it with our fists not like today. Candy cost a penny and there were corner stores everywhere. People really helped each other and you knew your neighbors. You would be at their homes and there would be neighborhood barbecues and box socials. We used to dance in the streets with all the pretty girls until their mothers dragged them home kicking and screaming. We were innocent in those days. One time a divorced woman moved into the neighborhood and it was quite the scandal because that sort of thing just didn't happen. I mean a 25 year old woman living by herself with no husband. Seems so quaint nowadays. The problem with Vancouver is its just too darn expensive and its lost its sense of community.

A Story As Old As Time

I got involved with a girl on the island who sold erotic massages through Craigslist (when it was allowed) with an oral happy ending. Being a man with compassion and resources, I tried to "save" her and she turned on me. I'm an idiot.

I can finally understand how people

Have these crazy jacked up trucks and dialed muscle cars. It’s so hard not to throw all my time and money into this thing, I always feel like I’m a few steps away from perfection. But then I feel an itch for the roar and I put my foot to the floor… I swear it’s better than sex.


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