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One day

My girlfriend and I would love to have a threesome with one of her girlfriends. It’s just a matter of scheduling and trying to make time for each other. Hopefully it should happen soon.

Real estate dreams

I want to buy real estate right now but I have a horrible fear of the economy collapsing after putting my life savings into the property and being unable to pay my mortgage. These next 5 years seem totally up in the air. Horrific.... and the real estate prices haven't even gone down because the government bailed out all the people who couldn't pay their bills-- AGAIN. Rigged and corrupt system. I'm losing hope.


I'm never been much of a drinker (more a blazer) but this year/summer I've started buying (usually bc vqa) rosé wines, ginger ale, & frozen berries and making homemade sangrias. Tastes great, cools me off, and gives me a buzz. But being cross~faded is the best. %^]

The dream

Oh, to be a D-list celebrity. That would be phenomenal and I'd love to live that life.

No more Wendys !

I confess I miss my frosty :( But the Wendy's founder just gave Trump a bunch of re election money So DQ Here I come :)

You know why I like other cultures?

Because you don't have to be thin, skinny, PC, pretentious and do 20 different sports to fit in while mimicking whatever is happening on Twitter. You can be fat, ugly, work 8 hour days and be gayfully married while owning property. Other cultures are actual real and authentic. They watch out for one another and do not sell their real estate to bidders all over the globe to turn it into a stock market out of the reach out ordinary hard working people in that culture. Whatever we have here, it is just marketing shit and I hate a lot of the people that live here who shallowly emanate it. Crooked. Corrupt. Not in the slightest bit worth looking up to by "developing" nations. Some less fortunate nations simply need health care to get them to live long and fulfilling lives. Their lifestyles, however, are mainly perfect.

Missing my fuck friend

But he was a bit of an ass so I needed to end it. The build up to us meeting was so hot then the regret after wasn’t worth it anymore. Here’s to a better passionate friend next try.

Low-Grade OCD?

I'm not a stingy guy - I'll happily grab the bill if you and I meet for a coffee or pint, then put it out of my mind. I don't obsess over who "owes" whom, just as long as things don't get too uneven. But if I find out that I paid $6 for something in the grocery store that I could've gotten for $4 at the store down the road, I seethe for hours! I just feel taken advantage of... What's that about?

My age is showing

I am on LinkedIn all day at work instead of Facebook. Yep. I know.

Anonymous Encounters

Here's a legit confession: I am a woman, and I miss engaging in anonymous encounters with men. Such things are not just for married or gay men, you know. Because women can do no right by society, especially when it comes to expressing their sexuality, those quiet encounters can be a special place to express one's own truth. I pine for those days, but youth is no longer on my side, and I can no longer participate in something so dangerous (as it most certainly is for women.) Women, get your kicks while you are still young enough to get 'em.


Champlain Square BC liquor Store Asian girl

Hey. I briefly talked with you in line at the liquor store. Wondering if you want to drink with...


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