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Part Of The Solution

I removed myself from online dating because there's already too many people using it habitually that don't know what they want.


I don’t know how to shop for clothes. I am nearing 30 and still don’t know how to dress myself. I go into a store and am overwhelmed by too much choice and music and people. When I download apps I browse for hours and end up buying nothing. How do you guys do it?


I love the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. It’s great. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. It’s like pro wrestling. Is it real? Is it fake? Does it matter???

My so called best friend

Isn’t speaking to me. Their birthday is in a few weeks. I had some time to kill earlier today so I looked at my visa statement from that time last year and figured out how much money I spent on their birthday last year. Between flowers, dinner out, drinks, card and gift it was a fairly good chunk of change. I’m planning to spend the same amount on myself on their birthday this year! Considering that their biggest complaint about me is how selfish I am. Yep, damn straight. I fully intend to be!

I think therefore I...

I think about suicide at least once a week. But I figure who isn't these days. Thoughts?

Good values

I confess that I'm conflicted about who my kid should be allowed to be around. I want to ensure she grows up with good values. I just don't think that the children of wealthy parents are a good influence. I also don't want to interfere in her friendships, but I just don't feel comfortable letting my family be close to them.

These friends

The friends that lean on you heavily while going through a breakup, then disappear completely once in a new relationship, can they still be thought of as “friends”? I’ve accepted inconsiderate behavior for years because I was afraid I’d have no friends left if I didn’t, but the pandemic has helped me realize that spending time in my own company isn’t as bad as I’d once thought.

Survival Kit

I have spent the last year fighting isolation, depression and anxiety and I just need to say: Otis Redding, pork dumplings with ponzu, the funny way crows walk, the ion smell of the ocean, sleeping on fresh sheets, hot showers on cold nights, Margot and Richie Tenenbaum, learning to shuck oysters, Blackadder whole 3rd season, toro sashimi, Junkook's smirk, stacks of half-read books, real wood fires, avocado and tomato salad, dry sarcasm, Empress gin martinis, episode 5 of Clarkson's farm, fresh flowers, Korean face masks, real crime podcasts, long walks, sleeping in, making my own lattes, cat videos on YouTube and, most of all, gratitude for every little thing that has gotten me through every day of this year. Also cheese, Lainey Gossip and pornhub. And the Knowledge network! Okay I'm done now.


Cashier at Safeway Robson

I never really do this sort of thing. I was the red head buying crave meals lol, and your name...


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