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I miss dancing. With friends, with someone I love, in a crowd of people. I guess from now on its me and Billy Idol blasting on my stereo at 7pm to Dancing with Myself!

Don't want to sell out

That's why, as a single man, I am not going to go to one of those salsa dancing classes just to get a date... post-Covid.

Root issues

I just want to hug a giant tree trunk while it hugs me back and tells me I’m safe.

I’ve been asking

myself a lot lately, “what is the meaning of all this?” What is the whole point of life and all the crazy things we go through, all the ups and terrible downs? I don’t know why, I guess the pandemic, the Trump thing, and world issues lately have switched me into full existential crisis. I wish we had the ability to go back in time with things we’ve learned and change certain things. Since we can’t do that, the idea of reincarnation makes the most sense to me.

The laws of attraction

I seem to attract a specific type of woman. More often than not, they live paycheque to paycheque and don't drive. What they like in me is that I am financially stable (not rich but doing much better than they are) and I have a vehicle. So I can drive them around while I buy them things. Ok, I guess there's always a give and take in all relationships. What do they seem to offer me? Apparently, more expenses and the opportunity to spend more time in traffic. Who said romance is dead?

The expense of being single

Decided to take a peek at the real estate market and what I can reasonably afford on my own (not much) vs. what I could afford with a partner with around the same income. The difference is crazy. Now I really wish I was married.

Anytime I'm feeling bummed about this pandemic...

I just remember that my grandpa and his 11 siblings got out of fascist Italy by living in a cave. A cave! My grandma's house in Holland was literally turned into a hospital they all worked at, pretty much surrounded by mines that they witnessed exploding family friends. A few years of limiting social contact and wearing a mask is nothing, you guys. If they could do that, we can do this. What would have happened if they all got 'burn out' and said fuck it during the war?

Always get stuck with the nerds

I want to hang out with the bad kids, but I always get stuck with the environmentalists, feminists, and intellectuals. Ugh. Sure, that's what I am... but I know the bad kids have more fun as they watch 80s mindless TV like Married with Children. Will dying my hair green and getting a faux-leather jacket help perhaps? No, it won't... all my friends are doing it too. Damnit.

Crunchy Catter Myself

I judge people on two categories. Cat/Dog people. Crunchy/Smooth peanut butter people. Obviously Crunchy Cat people are the high end of humanity. Smooth Dog people are the low end.


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