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He has adult ADHD.

He won't seek help, I don't know how to help, and he desperately needs help.

Two weeks

Ever since New Year’s, I haven’t been working. This work from home is driving me nuts and everyday I just stared at my computer all day until 5 pm hits then turned off my laptop. I don’t know whether my boss knows (hope not) or not.


What (who) I wanted most in life didn't work out. I lived in hope for a long time. I thought my feelings would fade or miraculously the relationship would happen. Instead, my passion dried up and disappeared. I have no excitement for anything. Socializing, food, travel (not that I can), art, reading, music. I pet street cats now. They like me and trust me and that's nice but I don't think it's enough.

Not Gonna Lie

I truly appreciate being told I’m the hottest chick he’s ever fucked. Not only is it a real compliment but it’s quite a vulnerable thing to admit and that makes me hot.


I've stopped reading health violation articles in the news. They only serve to remind me that the stupidity disease pandemic is still running rampant with no cure in sight. At least with COVID-19 there's a vaccine. Fucking stupidity disease...

working full time

I don't know if people who aren't chronically ill have way more energy than me, or if everyone is tired all the time.

Dog Sh*t

I confess I cannot stand dog owners who bring their dogs out to sh*t and don't bag it and dispose of it. I work at a school and walking the field area today I encountered a dog dump. This is where kids play, you are a disgusting hopeless human, you are not worthy of your dog. Next in line are the freaks who pick up their steaming fresh newly manufactured dog sh*t, bag it and either leave it there or beside a garbage bin. Is there any way of calling out these selfish bastards?

I don’t understand sometimes

Not some divine being, but in reflecting on the crazy state of world (the non-pandemic one)... I wonder like why we all stress? If we are all here for a limited time, why have we let it become so fucking difficult? Spend all the time working & not just standing in the mud to feel the earth and water.

Out of the blue

It didn't work out for whatever reason, yeah, okay, but one day she'll contact me out of the blue. She'll say she misses me, and that she wishes we hadn't wasted time fighting. So I wait. A year passes, two. She marries someone else, yeah, okay, but he's not the one, they'll divorce and she'll contact me out of the blue. So I wait. A year passes, two. She has a kid, yeah...okay, I guess I'm responsible, things can work out, one day she'll contact me out of the blue. So I wait.

It hurts

It hurts me when strangers ask me if I have children. I want a child badly, but I'm now almost too old to have one. I didn't choose this situation; my story is complicated, like many others'. I just wish people would think before asking what they believe to be a simple question. For many of us, it's not simple — infertility, miscarriages, trouble adopting, etc. It's a very sensitive topic for some of us. That's all. Thank you.


Skytrain brunette, at Edmonds station this...

You: Brunette, white pants, brown sweater and a black down coat (that you removed for the ride)....


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