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The online world is far too toxic for me and I choose to leave it. There are so many triggers on there and I’m sure I’m not alone. I realized it, you can too. I changed into a meaner person because of all the comments. People say a lot of crazy things that I don’t agree with on social platforms. Online life changes you into a prick

Saving thousands of dollars in therapy

Sometimes when I walk up and down the street, I talk to myself. I don’t mean to. It’s a habit that I can’t help and need to cut. I wonder if people out there must think I’m schizophrenic.

I absolutely

Would like to go out on a date with my massage therapist... But wouldn't we all, I suppose?

I am...

... really enjoying the Seinfeld reruns. It's amazing to see the male/female interactions, which, I have on authority, were quite normal up until very recently. You know, you see a girl you think is cute and you go up to her and say hello. Even George does this! Also, the men are not all bodybuilders!

Getting things off my chest

Do you want to know how I deal with anxiety? I have little to none because of this one trick I do. Watch porn :P

Unpopular opinion....

But why do anti vaxxer protesters or climate change protesters etc, live in a fantasy world & think they can change people's minds or save the world?

Society's division

I blame university students and recent graduates for all of the flame wars springing up in society now. It wasn't perfect, but society was not on an existential collision course towards civil war or economic break-up until these nut jobs used their social media influence to complain, whine, and cancel everyone they could. What losers. I hope they get their juste dessert.

Not understanding how to post-Covid it

I feel wrecked. I lost all of my passion and work sucked me back into the office commute exhausting grind. I have had multiple job offers and haven’t been able to accept them. I’m just ground down. I have no idea how to get my energy, motivation, and old positive outlook back! All I know is that my job and the people there are crushing me. I need to escape.


There are so many life lessons you can learn from listening to older music. I listen and learn. Bands have taught me things I know today. Those things I have been taught are still relevant today. THANK YOU ROCK AND ROLL!


Red nails rapture

You were working and I was having a few drinks and food with a friend. I was entranced by your...


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Jealousy and desire flare up at different times for one letter writer.

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