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Lost Job

My boyfriend lost his job yesterday and I don't know if we can go on. The bills are going to start piling up and its not fair for me to have to pay them all. I don't even think I can pay them all. Were struggling to make ends meet. I am going to move back in with my mom and dad.

Weird Brother.

I'm 36, my brother is 29, we share a apartment here in Burnaby....I got home from work was tired decided to turn the tv & watch South Park because I was to lazy to watch anything educational, anyway my brother comes in half a hour from work & see me watching South Park & says in a cranky voice "why are you watching that stupid ass trashy shit" I then said "fine whatever watch whatever you want I need to shower" well after 20 minutes or so I get out of the shower go to my bedroom get clean clothes on & walk into the living brother is watching a Jeffrey Dahmer documentary on Netflix or Tubi....I said myself "seriously? Is this educational?


You know I think every person in Vancouver should get at least two dogs then there would be even more shit and piss everywhere. You may think your picking up your dog's shit like good citizens but what about the runny shit you can't possibly scrape that all up with your little, tiny, thin doggie bags and you don't ! Cause I hit some on the grass today so thanks for that ! Almost puked .

I swear to God…

I will NEVER go to the store by myself again ;)

Working for a non-union employer

I've worked for a non-union employer for 20 years. They try to fire me and make me want to quit whenever they think they can, and there's not really anything I can do about, and keep the job. They fixed it so I can't work for another employer, and it's not worth trying to sue them. They dispense raises and promotions to favourites, although I produce more work, and the same or better work. If I had been in a union, they would have had to stop this crap 20 years ago.

Putting it back

Went to a drugstore to buy a basic face wash. I did not check the price because it looked like any other generic plastic bottle of suds. I scanned it: $23 before tax. Oh my! I left it at the store. It is insane leaving the house these days to face the world outside!

Are tattoos for losers?

It used to be that displaying a tattoo meant that you were somehow a creative, interesting and countercultural individual. I never thought this but that was the idea. Now, every Tom Dick and Harry has a tattoo. It just makes you look like a conformist, weak and easy to manipulate individual. A person with zero creativity. It makes you look like a loser. I am so glad I never got one.

At the very least

You could have made light of your stupid statement about speaking her language. She, of course immediately spoke it to you as any rational people would expect. Obviously not you. So you just stared blankly, and continued on speaking English. I, being of much higher intelligence than you, would never have ever said something so stupid and easy to disprove. Then again I don't lie or make up random bullshit and treat it as fact like you do all the time. I would have suggested saying, "Si, correcto." Like BP in IG. Your brain is not fast enough. You know it. It's embarrassing to me.


I work for a food establishment and part of my job is digital marketing. I have to admit that all the Tik Toks and IG Reels of people eating, stuffing their faces, instantaneously makes me want to barf. It’s some full-body revulsion or phobia. Or maybe it’s just performative gluttony. Either way, it’s really hard to look at, and I have to click away fast before I throw up on my shoes.


Riding bikes down Great Northern Way

We were riding down Great Northern Way. At the stops, we commented on each others e-bikes. I...

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