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I dont care about success

I come from a very high achieving family. Mom and dad were top of their fields. They worked their asses off and are now rich. Im super proud of them. My beautiful sister had a free pass to any school, scholarships out the ass. She is amazing. Me…. I have a simple job i like but dont love. I make enough to get by, not more. Im single and happy about it. My family is always pushing me to do more, aim higher and the like. Thing is… I dont care. Im fine with my life. Ive travelled the world, ive had amazing moments with awesome people. Ive done a lot in my life but it never seems to cut for my family. They always harp on about “just want you to be happy”. What they really mean is they want me to be happy on their terms. The last thing I will mention: my mom and dad and sis, while very smart and successful, are kind of boring and have no friends. And so… I love my family but i dont care what they think and I have no regrets about my life. I hope everyone out there whose family does not accept them, can find peace and love in your chosen family and community. Love you all.

Electric Nights

It feels humid today. My clothes have a strange dampness to them. There’s a feeling of anticipation in the air. Lightning storms are forecast in the province. I’m hopeful for lively dark skies with the smell of petrichor and ozone.

Lights Camera Action

This new building I moved into has so many security cameras. They say it's for outside security, intruders but you can't get anywhere in building or the elevators or the stairs without a fob. So who would be able to access the front door or the upper floors of the building? There are cameras everywhere within the building and where does this video feed go ? I find it very unsettling and wonder are these security cameras here to watch for intruders or to keep an eye on the people that live here ? Big Brother Watching.

I’m exhausted

I talk at my job with my coworkers all day. Then I talk all day with my clients. And then I go home at talk with my family. And the I talk with my friends. I don’t even like talking that much. I’m quiet…

Just a wee bit forced

I’ve noticed couples and other groups my age are laughing a little too loud as people pass. It’s as if they want as many people to hear. Do they not hear the sick despair of their forced cackles? I do… through my earplugs. It’s tolerable then.

I find the stock market

so strange: people get nervous so they sell everything and end up losing money and making their own worst fears come true. It’s like some sort of collective insanity.

What is the

point of anything? Lately I just feel like everything is going to pot more and more and I’m glad I had some action-packed years but if the future is just going to be pandemics, climate change and economic collapse then why are any of us bothering with anything except maybe trying to save the environment?? Why are people still running around touting their own horns and having kids and showing off on social media?


I can't help but wonder if there's something on the Island that is playing a role in young men turning into violent criminals. Not so long ago two young men from Port Alberni triggered one of the largest manhunts in Canadian history. Now this bank robbery. I don't like it. Not one bit.


I was out with a few of my girlfriends last night and couldn't help but realize that of the 8 of us 7 were single. We are all extremely beautiful, educated, and successful women. We were all dressed up and couldn't help but notice most of the men looked like they had just rolled out of bed. We're not expecting the men to be wearing suits or dress shirts. We're just expecting them to be wearing clean shirts and shoes. When did it become acceptable to be wearing sandals to a club? Men please put some effort in when you go out or you are going to end up alone.

Well that’s all folks.

I guess it’s finally over, I wanted to suck my husband off so badly the other night as I was turned on by the most relaxing day and he refused as he was too tired! Now I know all good things must come to an end.


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