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I admit I scroll past the entire job postings length to get to the summary of benefits at the end. If you’re not generous, I’m not applying. “Birthday celebrations” does not count as a benefit because I can’t pay my landlord with “Birthday celebrations”.

the past come to life

When someone’s surname is a profession or job, usually from the distant past, I admit that I find it very interesting that it’s so overlooked or people are oblivious to the significance. Tons of people are walking around today with a last name that depicts the job one of their ancestors did. Sometimes people got their last name because when asked, they didn’t really have one so they’d say “well I’m John the Thatcher.” It stuck, as did Baker, Cooper, Smith, Potter, Taylor, Fuller, Turner, Mason, Smith, Fisher, Glover, Dyer, Carter, Cook, Archer, Parker, Page….the list goes on and on. Sometimes I see my day-to-day from that viewpoint, that everyone walking around is an extension of their ancestor. I think there is a cohesiveness to it all that warrants greater appreciation.

I just cut down on meat

I did it to meet my personal CO2 emission targets. By eating a lot of fish instead, I am finally meeting my personal climate target goal. I think we should all make a switch soon. It feels so empowering! It seems like the government is not going to fix this problem, so we should take the plunge. *splish splash*

Labour shortage my bum

I've applied for at least 30 jobs in the past 30 days, all entry level and not a single interview. Yes I applied for the 50,000 per year dishwashing position. Even serving positions and they won't even call me for an interview. I don't have serving experience but I do have experience in other fields. Tempted to apply to Amazon next. They are always screaming for people.


The online world is far too toxic for me and I choose to leave it. There are so many triggers on there and I’m sure I’m not alone. I realized it, you can too. I changed into a meaner person because of all the comments. People say a lot of crazy things that I don’t agree with on social platforms. Online life changes you into a prick

Saving thousands of dollars in therapy

Sometimes when I walk up and down the street, I talk to myself. I don’t mean to. It’s a habit that I can’t help and need to cut. I wonder if people out there must think I’m schizophrenic.

I absolutely

Would like to go out on a date with my massage therapist... But wouldn't we all, I suppose?

I am...

... really enjoying the Seinfeld reruns. It's amazing to see the male/female interactions, which, I have on authority, were quite normal up until very recently. You know, you see a girl you think is cute and you go up to her and say hello. Even George does this! Also, the men are not all bodybuilders!

Getting things off my chest

Do you want to know how I deal with anxiety? I have little to none because of this one trick I do. Watch porn :P


Red nails rapture

You were working and I was having a few drinks and food with a friend. I was entranced by your...


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