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Nightlife escape

The daytime is depressing with the COVID news cycle. But my nighttime dreams are crazy, vivid and escapist. Last night I dreamt that I was dating Austrian pro trials cyclist Fabio Wibner and I was about to shag him, but then my brother was commenting on how young he was. True, I’m old enough to be his mother, but in reality if I were to ever come across him, I would definitely hit on him. I’m not particularly horny in this pandemic world, but he is fucking hot.

Please stay 50 feet away

Please stay 50 feet away from me. If you see me out, I'm probably the guy wearing all black. lol I'm so aware when I'm out and about, obviously just to go grocery shopping, me living alone. No I don't wear a mask, no I don't wear gloves, but think I should be. I won't even use an ATM..if I have to, I use my sleeve, even though that won't help whatsoever, hahahha. But so far, so good. No sickness. No coughing, no anything. When I'm out walking, and there's people close together on both sides of the sidewalk,I literally walk off the side walk into the street, around them. Hope you're all doing well. Stay safe. :) We're all in this together.

Seems like our true culture is re-emerging

We can make food and stuff, craft like we want to... That's like human culture stuff... not like that economic marketing crap shoved down our throats to keep up with the rat-race. The economy will be fucked after this.

Bus Memories!

I moved to Vancouver in 2001 and I remember very clearly riding the Number 9 Bus from Main Street to MacDonald along the Broadway route. I would get on and there would be 8 to 10 people on the bus. Not a lot of people. Then the Olympics happened and the 9 and 99 were always packed full. And now because of the Corona Virus it is back to the same amount of people 10 people maybe 12 on the 99 or 9. Nice!

Ahhhhhhh! 7pm

These people are getting crazy. I respect the nurses and doctors obviously (a lot!)... but as an introvert, I just feel like I am from a different planet from these people.

Looks like face masks are

Fashionable now! Who would have guessed? I wonder if they will evolve into sexy mouth covers like belly dancers have in the middle east. Yowzers. I would like that.

Friday night regret

Yes I drank to much and liked all my exes wife’s Facebook pages. Perfect time to delete my accounts now. Did get a great idea to write a book about the crazy affair.I need to release all my thoughts and nobody wants to heard all my dirty little secret’s but they would like to read them

My wish

I wish I loved techno music. Then I wouldn’t want to kill my neighbours.


Don’t put me in the corner!

I met you a few years ago when I was on vacation with my parents. ...

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