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Two options: Do I take Door 1 - job I have no honest interest in for a 40% pay cut or what I was making 20 years ago. Or Do I take Door 2 - status quo unemployment and build business with partner who is super eager to launch? It seems like a betrayal to myself to rewind my salary gains 2 decades back. Advocating for more. It’s 2024 with killer inflation after all. If I do #1 I’ll just end up quitting anyway rite?

Always fresh? Not particularly

So I hear Tim Horton’s now has a retro collection with their old school logo marked on merchandise. If Timmy’s wanted to impress me, then all they have to do is bring back good stuff that they had in back in the day like the garden vegetable sandwich, The blueberry bran muffin, and chilli in a bread bowl. I stopped going there a long time ago ever since the Company was bought by an American corporation.


I come off as intense because I am. I really do not have time for a superficial life whatsoever. If some people have an issue with that too bad, so sad. Sorry not sorry.


I have been suffering constant telepathy FOREVER. Some people think it's mental health, some people think it's spiritual, but I know it's caused by photographs on a string. I don't know the trick exactly, but does anyone know how to make it stop? I've heard of this referred to as vampires, the organization, the company, blah blah blah, but there has got to be away, equally simple to stop this constant junk im being forced to listen to. Brave up and help a human out

Today's music is crap....

That's right I said it, why do young people/youth today listen to talentless hipster groups that no one has heard of, like The Dead Milkmen, The Cure, The Selector, Alice Bag, Alien Sex Fiend, The Gun Club, SNFU etc....why can't young people listen to good ol' rock n roll of the past like Chicago, Alan Parsons project, Emerson Lake & Palmer Air Supply or Ambrosia....good rock music should not be forgotten....& today's youth should not forget that.

To the point

Some coworkers have no respect and the ones that try to bother you outside of work really need to get a life. I work with someone at various sites and he’s not the most pleasant person to deal with. Very intrusive, ignorant, disrespectful, and aggressive. All he ever does is gossip and give people input on how they should live their lives when he should look after his own life. He kept texting me useless links to some weird sites and I had to squash it. I put my foot down by telling him not to contact me anymore unless if he actually needs coverage for a shift. Don’t bother your colleagues outside of work unless you have something important to say that’s actually work related. In other words, stop wasting my time and yours. Simple as that. Hopefully, he’ll smarten up and get the message. If not, I'm calling the Union.


I worry more about the well being of celebrities then for people who are actually vulnerable

It was only a practical joke

Please don't overthink this, or overlay it with current extreme lenses. Many years ago, I was dating a fine woman from another country, who had little experience of food in North America. One day, I had cooked a corned beef that I had bought at a grocery store. My friend saw some of it on a plate at my home and asked for a taste. She liked it, a lot. When she asked me what it was, mischief got the better of me, and I answered, "It is whale meat". My friend liked it so much that she asked where she could buy it, and I told her the name of the grocery store. Does anyone play practical jokes, anymore? Please spare us both any 2024 overlay that I was a sexist colonizer exploiting an vulnerable woman of colour. My friend and I still laugh about it.

Omission experts

The worst kind of liar is one who lies by omitting crucial information. Like if they say things like “I’m not seeing anyone else!” and accuse you of imagining things when the fact is that they’re not currently seeing anyone else but they were when you accused them of it. So they’re not technically lying but they’re just omitting the facts. So many other examples but you get the picture. They’re gaslighting experts because they make you question your sanity.

Future husband

Dear future husband, When you meet me for the first time, please understand I’ve been through a lot and be soft. Understand my heart has been broken into a million little pieces that I’ve had to put back together. Alone. I’ve had to constantly tell myself that I am worthy, that I am deserving, that I am funny, charming, beautiful, kind, generous, thoughtful, intelligent, strong, brave, emotional, loving and I’m enough. That I am perfect the way I am, and I’m not sorry that I love too much, or if I other think too much or if I get upset too much. It’s cause I feel everything, I feel everyone’s heart and I try to make sure they never feel what I’ve felt. I’ll explain something to the sun comes up till you get it, I’ll ask questions to understand every bit of you. I’ll ask you if I’ve upset you, I’ll tell you when you’ve upset me. I’ll laugh at every joke, and I’ll sometimes cry at every minor convinces. I’ll be strong and hold you up and me up, when we’re struggling. I’ll make you feel comfortable in every room I’m in. I’ll make you proud to call me your wife. So please be soft gentle and patient with me, cause I am painfully and patiently waiting for you to come. And when you do I know you’ll tell me everything I need to hear, reassure every fear I have and I know you’ll love me with all your heart like the way I’ll love you. -your future wife


ART CARS, but no cars

When looking at a street installation, you asked my opinion. We chatted briefly, before we...

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