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Vancouver Dating

So drained. Why is it so hard here in Vancouver. All my international friends find it hard as well. I've lived here 5 years and am still single. This would never be the case back home. Online dating, omg what's with the 'one word' replies back? Come on and make an effort (I am). It is true: dating online and using dating apps has desensitized us from the standards we should uphold. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I will continue, just pissed off. Agh.... Vancouver, you need to change your attitude. If you do, I promise you’ll find something – and it will be big.


I'm someone who commits to what he does. So in these last few days before my life changes forever I have been thinking about us - the us that was never an us. I think you're great and I wish I had understood you and known how to talk to you. Goodbye.

Business Unplan

As a consumer, I'm not going to bring my own bottle to a brewpub that charges more than a Cold Beer & Wine Store (those are unreasonably expensive to begin with) for their beer, no matter how good it is.

I love Tegan and Sara

Seen them live a couple of times and own a bunch of their records.I simply admire their talent and their beauty.This coming from a 50ish year old straight white male who's always tried to support the LGBTQ community since way before it's been called that. I've had lots of Gay friends and frequented gay friendly establishments and supported gay artists. Don't judge.

Friends with my crush

A few months ago I got the courage to finally become friends with the guy who I've always liked alot who is also my coworker. Based on some of the comments he's made lately, I don't think he'll ever like me as more than a friend and that makes me really sad. I shouldn't have become friends with someone who I am interested in. I might tell him how I feel once we are not coworkers anymore but I am not sure since he might tell other people we know about it and things will be awkward. He is an awesome, hilarious, caring person and I enjoyed the time we knew each other so far. I can't fall asleep because this is weighing me down. For now I will keep acting normal around him. Any advice?

Putting the X in XMAS

This year I am: -not going to the Xmas party, which means -not spending $200-300 on a cocktail dress and shoes, and -not doing my nails -not sending Xmas cards out due to the Canada Post backlog -not organizing year end lunches -not buying gifts because my partner lost their job And I am so relaxed this Xmas!!! Now I realize how overwhelming the whole season is. We’re only going to the house parties and having turkey dinners with close family. I feel so much better this December, by not partaking in the time sucking stuff.

You're uninvited

You are forever uninvited. You accepted an invitation by my family and then jammed out. The other offer was a better deal. You came back that weekend and I politely looked at all the fabulous photos and made small talk. We will never invite you again to our home or any other event that matters to us. The sad part -- you will never know what you are missing -- actually, it's only sad to you if you only knew, but I will never give you that opportunity to do that to my family again.


how to meet people if i'm struggling? Shouldn't worry about that but it's nice to have a support group. How would that come about ?

There is no community in consumerism

So many fall into the trap of buying material goods to fill a hole that exists somewhere in their lives. The temporary pleasure of purchasing that new toy will quickly wear off and that hole will still be there. No amount of clothes, shoes, cars, or makeup will fill that gaping void in your life. The companies whose sole existence is to make you part with your money by making you believe that you must have this latest piece of consumer garbage. Guess what? As soon as you no longer have any money to spend, they no longer want to be your friend. They will look for some newer demographic based buddy to try and sell their useless tech bauble to and you will be out in the rain wondering what you did wrong. I guess what I’m trying to say is please don’t think that you will ever be able to buy your way to happiness. Instead, use your money to do some good in this world. Help a relative or close friend that needs a hand or even do something kind for a stranger in need and maybe that void in your life will start to fill up.


I propose that singers and entertainers at Christmas lunches and parties perform without a mike. Some work hard to be irritating. I find it is more enjoyable to converse with people I am seated next to.

Office fridge

I used someone's half and half three times this week (already) for my coffee. Sorry!

Don't be Ageist.

You're going to be 40-50 in the blink of an eye.You'll be shocked how fast the years went by.

Revealing your black thong at work

You leaned over a co-worker's computer, at work. Your slacks were hanging on your hips and suddenly, there was a black thong, revealed, visible down to the lower half of the triangle. I thought my heart would stop. Then I remembered what a woman had told me, that men really buy women sexy lingerie as presents to themselves. I thought, there is a lucky man out there.



I see you and I love you. I couldn't do life without you.