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If Covid gets really,

Really zombie apocalyptic, I may just blow all my money on a big party and get it and then die. It’s inevitable and hiding out all the time is no way to live!!


I just changed my morning alarm to "I Got You Babe" because this shit is starting to feel like Groundhog Day.

It's only at Christmas

and birthdays that I notice how few friends (0) and family (2) I have. Most of the year I don't really mind.

Not cute

As an old lady, I can’t stand being called “young” lady. I know you’re trying to be nice, but I really can’t stand it.

Covid Bubbles

Trying really hard to maintain my boundaries around bubbles without offending my friends, but it's very hard. People have massive bubbles and/or don't pay attention to news, then get offended when you can't come over.


I've lived for so long without a man in my life, I don't feel like I need one any more

Tsunami Dreams

I live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. I keep having reoccurring dreams of a giant tsunami. In one dream I see the wave washing over the tallest buildings in my city. In another dream I'm at the top of the Malahat and the wave washes over the highway pulling cars down as it goes back out. In the last dream a couple of days ago I was a little further inland on top of a mountain and the wave reached me there too.

Merry singles Christmas

My heart is happy, I worked on myself for a long time. As the pandemic started it had been just a few weeks since my crush said they had a room for me. Pandemic hit, never saw the person again, moved cities more than once. Held on to the flame that person made me feel throughout the isolation. Single, ready to mingle, and from what I can see and feel, so are a lot of people. Love is in the air for the singles.

Fish and Turtles

I had a strange dream. The dream was in colour and the setting was completely realistic and accurate. I came home, and at my doorstep, were two black, small, live mackerel, like horse mackerel. They were alive and flapping. I didn’t think I could carry them both into the apartment, so I went to get a blue Rubbermaid bus box. But when I came back with the bus box, the mackerel were gone, and there were two dark green turtles, about the same size as the mackerel, maybe just a bit bigger. And I thought, in the dream, I don’t know how to cook a turtle, or if I want to eat one.

No Tribe

I'm 40 years old, and I still have people imposing their tattoo fetish on me. "When are you getting tatts dude?!" I'm all for self-expression, but I shouldn't have to have this conversation at this stage of my life, leave me alone. Keep your fetish to yourself.


Cute Guy at Vaccination Clinic

We were standing in line waiting to get our boosters and we talked about the book I was reading, ...


Savage Love: Confusion over desire for spanking can be fixed with a proclamation of bisexuality...with limits

According to Dan Savage, it's better to give in to spanking than worry about your curiosity.

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