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I confess that I’m so afraid of being burned again that my fear has paralyzed me. Someone is letting me know that they want me, and I want them too, but the hurt is so deep that even thinking of speaking to them causes me intense anxiety. When trust is so badly broken, it takes a lot of work on the part of the person who broke it to earn it back again.

Well, at least I tried?

What is WRONG with single humans in this town? Dating is challenging and really disappointing. Lets' do the math: The last 8 weeks on FB dating: 25 matches - yay! 12 actually responding after we match 9 follow through with a conversation beyond a "hi" or "hey" 2 want me to migrate over to whats app and buy crypto (block/delete) 3 want me to send them nakkid pics (NOPE!) 1 sends me a nakkid pic of his privates unsolicited (block/delete) 2 move offline to old school phone calls.. several phone calls late into the evening - get along well - yay! 1 says he will make me the best food I will ever have - plans a date, does not pick a time/place/date..disappears day of date.... re-appears 3 days later but blames me for making him chose a place to meet and says he forgot... then maybe he should just come to my house and get naked for the first date? (block/delete) 1 sends a text after 10pm asking me to meet up for a drink at his house (we have NEVER met) NOPE - don't wanna get murdered. Back to zero again. Delete dating apps. resign myself to a solo life again.

How about

Next time your thinking of donating some food maybe some Sweet Italian Sausage. Some fresh vegetables, some potatoes. Not rice either. Some sweets maybe ! Fucken chicken parts is all that is donated apparently ? And not the good parts. And it's usually outdated . You know outdated means for everyone ! Food safety tip you never run hot water over unwrapped frozen pork to defrost it in a dirty sink. That could make you ill and it has.

What was I thinking (?) part 2

Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me 10 times…?!? Ya, shame on me… What was I thinking…when nothing happens, nothing happens…


My coworker is one of those braggart people who are always trying to impress everyone. He talks about his university degree and the job he used to have, and wants us all to think he’s really smart. But he’s also one of those people who uses big words incorrectly. He mispronounces words all the time and uses them in the wrong places. Sometimes the words he uses don’t actually exist in the dictionary. It’s actually hilarious and reminds me of some really funny skits on SNL or other shows. It’s so hard not to burst out laughing because in my mind I’m seeing the skits, but I have to nod seriously and keep a straight face.


I need to accept you like me, you get in touch when you need to vent. But you don't love me. I think you reserve love for you. You're a narcissist disguised as an awkward introvert. Despite the fact that I'm desperately lonely, I need to let go.

Break it Yourself

It’s not supposed to be easy to change. There’s a panic that says, ‘it can’t be done, give up, run, hide, play dead, die’. I need to know what’s on the other side if I push through but I resist envisioning it. I have to fail. Maybe badly. I hate this already. Here we go.

I only wear my nice underwear when I go out

All the raggedy underwear with holes gets used when I work from home. No $1300+ bus pass a year, -$100 in underwear & socks, -$1000 making lunches at home... but I still can't buy a house ever. Can't wait to get out of Vancouver.

One big toxic shock Vancouver syndrome

It seems like the left politics and culture from our universities are turning us all against each other and making everyone miserable, while avoiding the major issues that unite us all. We're all being thrown into poverty by the neoliberal world, which is championed by the universities. When people try to say something, they use left-wing cancel culture tactics. Gross times.

Balancing everything

I have the ability to balance important things in my life. I typically virtue signal all day while the world burns. It sure makes me popular with my friends!


Granville Island Public Market

You were by youself, I think. You wore light blue jeans and black shoes with tall wedge-like...

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