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The first modern toothbrush was invented in 1938. You think that dentists could come up with a new toothbrush design that would actually clean your teeth properly by now. It's been 86 years. WTH. Hasn't really improved much in all those years ! I guess they don't want a cleaning tool that actually does a good job because that would take money out of their pockets. Cavities and $1000 dollar root canals are much more lucrative than a simple cleaning. And don't even mention the water pick thing.

If your mother taught you to lie

You should know, there are potentially serious ramifications to lying. People don't like liars or worse. Once a person knows you lied to them do you think they'll ever trust you again? No, they won't. If you brag to your friends sbout lying do you think they'll have any respect for you again? No, they won't.

Tik toxic

With all these young, careless teenagers doing dangerous stunts on TikTok and losing their lives, I’m surprised such an app even exists. Personally, I hope Tickety Tok gets banned and that creators of this stupid app go to jail.


Long before the study came out about alcohol being linked to cancer, I gave it up a couple years ago. Being sober has never been better. My mind is more clear, I have way better relationships with my family and coworkers, and I can finally hear myself think. It does take time to think normally again, but the road to sobriety requires self-discipline. Joe patience.


I question myself. Up until now I have never had these kinds of thoughts before. Lately, I’ve often been wondering what would life be like if I were a woman instead of a man. I wonder if maybe I’m going through something?

Malunion Fractures

I’ve been told to get good at aligning what I want with actions. What if I don’t know what I want? I’ve been conditioned to act without personal interests. I’m starting to realize being conditioned to act against myself compromises my ability to recognize my own needs. My will was broken in the past and set improperly.


I’d rather not date divorced people again. All they ever do is you drag you in the middle of the relationships with their ex spouses and their kids. Most of them just seem to want sex.

Whatever happened to…

That mysterious person who sent messages to people just to get a reaction out of them? Maybe they’re off kicking and screaming somewhere over rainbow. They probably got tired and moved on by now. Like all four seasons, trolls come and go.

The real deal

I’m not a fan of all these hotshots celebrities that get big roles and animated movies such as Chris Pratt, doing Mario and Garfield. Or Seth Rogen doing Donkey Kong’s voice. When will these animation companies stop using big name celebrities and start hiring professional cartoon voice actors instead real cartoon voice actors actually create their own voices? These Hollywood celebrities just don’t do it for me. They’re not funny. boy, cartoons. These days are just not funny anymore. Whatever happened to the old days where a character would walk on fin air fall off a cliff and then have stars flying around his head? Now those are funny!

The people of Fetlife

The quality of people there are low, especially Vancouver BC people, in order to be successful there, you need the looks & connections, people on it are so picky choosy, if you're a average looking middle-aged male like myself with no female partner, then you're out of luck even with good hygiene (like me) & does not dress like a slob who just woke up after sleeping on the couch (such as I)....the internet shit really sucks


Bar at the Westin Bayshore

You were by yourself at H tasting lounge bar inside the Westin Bayshore hotel. You had the...

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