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Stay out of wreck beacb

Go to Jericho or every other beach to keep your bathing suit on. When you come here fully clothed just to say you're here and look cool or to spectate you ruin the community. You make the nudies the minority. Be a part of it, to help normalize it (in that setting alone of course) or don't bother. Not trying to be rude but the decrease of naked people at wreck has completely changed because yall come in here fully clothed. what was once a totally different world and a very open and easy vibe, is now just another Jericho. The gentrification is truly saddening. When you're naked there its okay, because so is everyone else. And you see all types of bodies and people just being themselves and enjoying the beach without judgement. A lot of people don't feel comfortable doing that now because we're becoming the odd ones out. Be a part of it or go somewhere else, please.


My boyfriend insists on wearing these old high school and college jerseys. They have rips and tears all over them. I am embarrassed to be seen outside with him.

Nagging doubt

I feel a really profound loss due to a collapse in communication with someone I can't stop thinking about. I also feel really sad, unsure of my future in general. I can't find a way out of my conventional life nor can I escape feelings I have trouble putting into words regarding my relationship...although I know it's not good feelings. I feel alone, uncertain about everything that is my life these days, save for my kids who are a successful legacy out of all this. I just can't shake the sadness. I wish I knew how to fix this collapse to make things better.

I believe i have

Given up on hope, fairytales and magic. I so wanted the world to beleive again. Me too :(

Eating Local

I don't think you're eating your best life in BC if you're not having a bowl of home-cooked spot prawn linguine, luke-warm Warba potato salad, or Van Island ice cream sprinkled with local blueberries, for summer! I love our province and all the wonderful foodstuffs we gather and produce here; and, it saddens me sometimes that folks living here don't have any clue.

Wishful thinking

I saw a commercial for a nicotine withdrawal spray for people addicted to smoking. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was possible to create something similar for people addicted to alcohol or other drugs?


I'm happy all these stores are closing because new stores will open in place of them and that is exciting.

Secretly happy

I confess that the lousy weather we’ve had lately is perfect for me. Everyone around me is complaining but I’m not, because this year I’ve not wanted to go out anyway. I miss my partner so much that going out just makes me miss him even more. All the places I love are the places we went together, even the back yard. Some day I know it’s going to get easier, but that day’s not here yet. So as far as I’m concerned, it can keep on raining.

It's a bit weird but....

I kind of feel like the rest of the world has finally come around to my way of thinking. I've been agoraphobic for a couple of years now. I developed a full-on social phobia because I kept getting injured by other people's carelessness - having things dropped on my head, being bashed in the face by people's backpacks on buses, etc. The "treatment" was to go out more and let other people get close to me. Ha! Maybe I'm getting the last laugh. Other people ARE hazardous to my health...


Tofino surfer guy driving grey truck with...

I was one car ahead of you driving a Red PT Cruiser from Tofino to Port Alberni on June 30 in...


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