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I was courting a woman in her 20's back in our 20's and it fizzled out - my fault for that. Nothing bad. We exchanged numbers and I still have her in my phone. I've been thinking of reaching out but part of me asks myself, "Is this okay to do?" I've been out of the dating game for coming on 3yrs and that leaves me a dummy towards how to approach a woman.

Are we together?

I’ve been dating this woman on and off for 2 years. We’re pretty similar in most ways but we’re in different places in our lives. She seems to want to make a big life change and make lots of money so she can go ahead with those goals. Commendable I will admit but I’m at a place where I’m not really looking to get super serious about moving in with her and putting my nose to the grindstone to make the cash it might take to fulfill a big life change. She talks about moving to another country or buying property etc. I know I’m kind of being an irresponsible child but I’m genuinely more interested in hanging out with my friends and drinking. I know that’s not very “smart” but at the moment it’s making me happy. I was at her house last week and was over thinking some stuff and I ended up being short with her and being pretty rude but I’m bad at communicating my feelings so I didn’t explain myself and I think I hurt her feelings. I have feelings for her and I hope she’s okay but she hasn’t called me since then and I haven’t tried to call her either. Things have been pretty all over the place for the last few months (in many ways for obvious reasons and personal reasons). I kind of don’t want to call her and I am sort of hoping she doesn’t call me so we can just move on. We have a lot of fun together but it has become strained due to different lifestyles. Am I being a coward by not just breaking if off? I’m almost positive she’s aware that I’m not into her idea of what the future holds so even though it’s not ideal, I’d rather assume she’s given up on me and let it fizzle silently. I’d honestly be sort of relieved if we just ghosted each other. Is there too much history for that? Am I a total douche bag if I don’t call her and apologize? Should I pull my head out of my ass and try to be a better boyfriend? She’s a catch but maybe I’m not right now. I’d appreciate any feedback, good or bad. Thanks for reading.

Cure For Covid Blues - Growing Marijuana.

Hydroponic Gardening has to be the most rewarding hobby of all time. So therapeutic watching plants grow and transform into excellent buds. I started my first grow when the first covid restrictions started. One of the best things I've ever done. I'm on grow 2 now, stomping along. The value of my first crop payed for the initial cost of the lights, tent ,seeds, and fan a few times over. Thank you covid boredom, I would've never started growing without you.

I just kind of think they are stupid

Why would anyone get a dog instead of a cat? It makes no sense to me. There must be something wrong with dog owners, even if they are compassionate for an animal species and mean well. Dogs just slobber everywhere and aren't very smart. They need a lot of attention too.

My wife needed epsom salts

It was pretty brutal. She was out of epsom salts for her bath. So I had to go pick up some epsom salts for her that night. ... and that's how I got Covid.

I’m kind of happy

about this situation. I’m embracing it. Lost my job but somehow I still keep finding ways to make enough money. Sleeping a lot. Hanging out with my parents, friends, etc. a lot. Usually I travel a lot and to be honest it was getting tiring. Now I have the excuse to stay and enjoy Vancouver for a couple years and not feel lazy or like I’m not doing enough with myself. It’s making me sort of....zen. I have no idea how I will proceed when the dust settles but it doesn’t really bother me like it normally would have. Maybe it’s all the sleep.

Distanced by water

I heard U2 ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ while driving to work for a very early morning shift.... this pandemic may be keeping me away from my partner, but it’s this same pandemic that has evolved our relationship to another level. I know he feels the same.

Liking it

I like how all the revolutions are happening in 2020. I guess people are pretty pissed off about covid.

Past the Threshold

I am now past that point in time where people my age update their social media profile pictures. Bad enough that I'm starting to feel old...but I can't even creep the hotties I used to know, either?


I think that Wish You Were Here is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.


Dreamy eyes

you were a paramedic named Shane who attended too me when I had a medical emergency in July of...


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