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Where are all the lonely people?

I wish our society had a better way of flagging or identifying lonely and single people in our society. Maybe a special shirt or hat that says “I’m single, feel free to come up and talk to me if you’re interested.” You never know how many single people are out there. I was out and about, hanging out by myself last weekend, and I would have given anything to have someone to grab dinner with. I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Just a way to take the stigma and tabooness out of it all!


After 15 months of no friends, no culture, no nights out, the thing that completely gives me a physical anxiety reaction and dread, is the upcoming wildfire smoke blanketing the lower mainland. I walk, run and bike for self-soothing. Forcing me indoors …. In a tiny condo….. and unable to open a window due to poor air quality….. I’m stressed. I don’t want to enter any gym right now. Would skipping inside an air conditioned library be bad form? I hope that this will not be 10-14 days of smoky occlusive skies. All I ever want is to be outside, living. To not be able to do it safely, is a physical crushing pain.

I confess

I am starving for affection

selfish friend

I find myself distancing from a friend because they constantly want to meet up only to talk non stop about themselves and all their relationship problems. I have had enough on non reciprocal relationships and people who don't value my time and energy.


I could never meet anyone new. I'm too messed up ! I want to fall in love, but how ?

Daily adaptation

Now that I’m 2 weeks+ after Dose 2, I’ve we been seeing friends again. It has been so great to be walking alongside them, seeing their huge grins, seeing them laugh at my dumb jokes, making eye contact and just laughing together again. That being said, the journeys home afterward on transit are uncomfortable. I don’t want anyone talking to me, masked or unmasked, on the bus. I have stranger danger; I don’t know anyone’s vaccine status and I very much don’t want to share aerosols with any randoms on public transit. I was a few seconds away from bolting from my seat where this guy was pestering me with his unmasked face. I guess I will have to switch to car-share Evo’s and maintain as much social distancing as possible. Not worth the money saved using the bus.

I hate politics

Maybe this is not much of a confession but I digress. Some people asked me if I would ever be interested in running for City Council in the next municipal election comes up. No thanks. Not in the least. Never in a million years. Why would I want to sit through long boring tedious meetings and deal with idiots and hypocrites every nook and cranny? I’m nowhere near diplomatic so if there’s one thing I’m not good at, it’s kissing ass.

Confessions from an Aspie

I was born with Asperger’s syndrome, but somehow I get the feeling that I have more than Autism. Lately I find that my moods tend to change. Some days I’m up and then other days I’m just downhill. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I must have some kind of mild bipolar disorder or something. It’s a like roller coaster and I feel like I just want to jump off the ride but don’t know how.

Am I the only one around here

I stare like a creep at Construction workers. I love them. It doesn’t help that they wear the high vis, either, they are like sexy little beacons. Omg

Adults wanted

Tired of anonymous messages to push for flirtations. It's like I haven't left junior high. I want real interaction.


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