Enter to win a $250 gift card to Vancouver’s Dublin Calling Pub & Kitchen

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      Dublin Calling Pub & Kitchen opens its doors this Friday (November 17), and we’re already pegging this Irish gem as our go-to party pub for the holiday season and beyond. And the timing couldn’t be better if you happen to be tasked with arranging this year’s office party.

      As much as we love the holiday season, it comes with a certain set of obligations which can be more than a little stressful. Christmas shopping in crowded malls, the whole etiquette around greetings cards, the awkward family dinners, and spending our lunch hours waiting in line at the post office and questioning why we ever thought that sending grandma a cookbook was a good idea. We struggle to fathom who came up with the term “holidays” for this time of year.

      And that’s just on a personal note.

      At work, we have the looming prospect of the office Christmas party to contend with. On paper, it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with our colleagues.  In reality, it’s a team-building exercise at the most hectic time of year.

       And let’s be honest, the term “team-building” sends a shudder down our spines even at the best of times.  The only spirit we’re getting into this holiday season is of the tequila variety, preferably in the form of a shot.

      Show us the drinks tickets and we’ll meet you at the bar where we’ll be coercing poor Betty from accounting into a post-party dance-off at the club across the road. We’ll then spend the rest of the weekend with the ultimate fear knowing that we have to show our faces in the office on Monday as if we didn’t perform the “worm” dance move in front of our manager.

      Let’s make a vow not to be that person this year.

      And before you start to question your ability to upkeep any pre-New Year’s resolutions, Dublin Calling might just be the perfect solution to take the stress out of the office party and make sure you have some fun while you’re at it—without putting your job or integrity at risk.

      Dublin Calling Pub and Kitchen

      The fun selection of games like pool, Ping-Pong, skee ball and darts, as well as the communal banquet tables and sharing platters, make it the perfect spot for boss-approved fun. We are especially excited about the Irish-inspired pub fare on the menu like the proper Dublin Fish and Chips or the Shepherd’s Pie Bites. Hey, if things go well at the party we’ll be happy to share.

      If you do happen to find yourself stuck in an awkward conversation, then you can always turn to one of Dublin Calling’s 35 TVs showing all of the latest sports matches. Winning—even if your team isn’t.

      But we think you’ll find that there’s nothing like games and a good old dose of Irish luck to bring out the best in people. Knock down blocks as well as social barriers with a game of giant Jenga! Or why not challenge your manager to a game of foosball?  Or beat your workplace arch-nemesis at extreme shot basketball. We’ll see who’s boss now, eh?

      Dublin Calling Pub and Kitchen

      Better still, compete in teams and get to know your desk buddies without the cringe-worthy challenge of going around the table and telling everyone something about yourself. Trust us: Betty would far rather beat you at Golden Tee than a dance-off. And no one needs to see the “worm” again.

      Dublin Calling Pub & Kitchen is located at 900 Granville St. and is open 11 a.m. until late every day. Make your holiday party reservation now by contacting ryan@dublincalling.com. Or enter to win a $250 Dublin Calling gift card below.


      A $250 gift card to Dublin Calling Pub & Kitchen (900 Granville Street)

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