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      When it comes to the status of your health, it’s best not to be left in the dark. (555 West 8th Avenue) offers a so that you can be proactive and get the full picture.

      In this assessment, False Creek Healthcare Centre’s team of physicians and expert medical professionals conduct a series of tests and examinations to determine your unique risk profile. They take a detailed look at your full medical history and will also do a complete ultrasound, physical exam, as well as cardiovascular tests and examinations.

      A CHA allows you to take preemptive action to manage your short- and long-term health by understanding your current condition and identifying potential health risks. It will also provide you with a roadmap for achieving optimum managed health.

      Following the assessment, all patients receive a written report with the results of the physical exam and laboratory testing, in addition to a ‘health risk’ appraisal and general health recommendations.

      False Creek Healthcare Centre has been offering CHAs for nearly 10 years, helping local Vancouverites and B.C. residents to take the initiative and become more informed about their health.

      To learn more about Comprehensive Health Assessments at False Creek Healthcare Centre, or call 604-739-9695. And enter below for your chance to win a complimentary assessment.


      • One complimentary Comprehensive Health Assessment at False Creek Healthcare Centre.

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