Enter to win a set of President Obama’s favourite speakers

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      It’s almost difficult to imagine a time before streaming services. What did we talk about with our significant others, if not to argue over what to watch on Netflix?

      And what happened to the extra space we gained from no longer having to store our DVDs in a drawer, our CDs in a rack, our tube TVs on a strong hulk of furniture—or, if you were really fancy, in a cupboard?

      When did we realize that the high-pitched hum of the TV had disappeared?

      Perhaps it was around the same time we found out that we could create playlists of songs we loved to fit almost every mood or situation. Sometimes, Spotify knows our music tastes better than we know ourselves.

      Yes, technology seems to be improving faster than we can binge watch a series of Stranger Things. And with it, our demand for state-of-the-art home entertainment systems has grown significantly.

      This comes as no surprise to Akane Awazu-Ayres, Director of Operations at , which specializes in the custom design and installation of audio, video, and home automation systems.

      Based in Surrey, the family-owned showroom is well worth the visit where you can see some of the technology in action. And the friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide guidance on everything from speakers, to projectors and home automation, and beyond.

      Rega Planar 6 turntable is one of many of the high-tech products available at Ayreborn Audio/Video Inc. It is the first new Rega turntable to be constructed with an ultra lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core plinth (a material developed for the aerospace industry).
      Ayreborn Audio/Video Inc.

      But if you prefer to buy from the comfort of your own couch, the online shopping feature is a great option. Even better, Ayreborn offers free shipping on any purchase over $49.

      Whether it’s as simple as putting a TV on the wall to setting up a full-scale home theatre system, Ayreborn is at the cutting of edge of providing the very best in products and customer service.

      Nowadays, Awazu-Ayres says that people are installing customized systems into their homes or businesses from the very beginning. Ayreborn has an expert team who can come in at the new build or renovation stage, and set up entire systems down to having the wiring built into the drywall so that it can’t be seen.

      Ayreborn is also an Authorized Diamond Dealer of Control4, one of the company’s bestsellers. This high-tech operating system coordinates all of the devices in your home so that you can control everything from the lights, to the heat, to the music, with the touch of a button.

      “The options are limitless,” as Awazu-Ayres put it.

      The ability to arm homes with a security system using Control4 has proved to be especially popular with those who travel a lot. But Control4 can be adapted to suit any size of home or budget even if it’s as basic as turning the lights off when you leave the house. It’s something that Control4 describes as creating a “smart home” and by all accounts, once you’ve got it, it’s hard to go back.

      That said, we have recently found ourselves feeling a little nostalgic for the not-so-distant past—a time when we could look forward to the president of the U.S. tweeting his favourite playlists rather than, well, “covfefe”.

      Politics aside, there’s no doubting that Obama knows his music. For that reason techies everywhere rejoiced at being given a rare glimpse into the private quarters of the White House during his administration.

      In the special issue of the readers were able to see the POTUS-approved artwork, furnishings, and most importantly, choice of sound system. From there, Reddit users were quickly able to identify his wireless Kanto YU5s.

      And in the interest of presidential living, you can find on the Ayreborn website.

      If it’s good enough for Obama, then it’s good enough for us.

      In fact, Ayreborn has taken it one step further by offering one lucky winner a set of Kanto YU6 bookshelf speakers valued at $549!

      Now you can call yourself the president of your own (white) house—you choose the playlist.


      One set of Kanto YU6 bookshelf speakers in the winner’s colour of choice: matte white, matte black, matte grey, gloss white, gloss black or gloss red. (Retail value is $549.00).

      This contest has ended.

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