Shameless Resale launches new online store and you could win a $150 gift card

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      It’s been a busy year for Courtney Hunter, founder and owner of Vancouver-based luxury consignment boutique (3957 Main Street).

      Since opening in March 2018, Courtney has spent her time buying, selling, and authenticating so she can offer her customers a carefully curated selection of preloved clothing at great prices. She recently decided to launch an online store after a successful first year with her storefront on Main Street.

      “We started selling quietly on other third-party platforms to learn how to do it, and we’ve been doing pretty well, so we thought it was time to do our own website,” she says.

      Shameless caters to a broad demographic, so customers can expect to find classic, timeless, well-made pieces from designers like Prada, in addition to more trend-driven items from brands like Aritzia.

      Kriss Munsya

      Courtney says that leopard print—which she refers to as a “neutral staple”—will always have a place at Shameless. She is happy to help those looking for fashion advice on keeping up with contemporary styles, but her philosophy is to go with clothing that you love and that will last.

      “Personally, my style is less about trends and more about classic style,” she says. “Sometimes I might accessorize with a trendy thing, but I wear what I like.”

      Of course, part of the fun of consignment shopping is the thrill of letting an item find you. There has been a shift in the mindset toward buying resale as shoppers become more aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion.

      “People are being more selective about the items that they choose, and they have to be perfect,” she says. “They are really looking for quality over quantity. It’s important for them to know where their items have come from. People are being more sustainable.”

      Kriss Munsya

      Despite more than 10 years of experience, Courtney is always striving to learn new things, including creating her e-commerce website. She has two employees who help manage the workload but otherwise it’s her time management, passion, and can-do attitude that have allowed her to thrive in an industry that’s notoriously difficult to break into.

      To run a small, curated boutique means that Courtney, like her clientele, has to be selective when sourcing her products. As any shopper knows, it’s easy to get carried away.

      “The hardest thing for me is turning people away,” she says. “I used to be the buying manager for a chain store, so I could take everything from everybody. But that’s something I’ve really had to learn about having my own store: that it’s okay to be selective. My focus right now is realizing what my goals are.”

      Staying focused has been crucial to Courtney’s success. She took an entrepreneurial course at Douglas College before she opened Shameless, and on the store’s one-year anniversary, she won the school’s award for retail business of the year. It was during her acceptance speech that she announced her plan to launch the e-commerce website.

      “I’m happy to be learning new things every day,” she says. “It’s interesting and fun.”

      Part of the expansion to an online retail outlet allows Courtney the opportunity to showcase more stock and give her customers more selection. She will be selling different items in-store than on the website, so keen shoppers should be sure to keep their eye on both.

      One thing is for certain, Courtney will excel at whatever she sets her mind to.

      Kriss Munsya

      To shop all the latest fashion finds, visit the website at   and use promo code “WELCOME” for 10 percent off your online purchase. Go in-store at 3957 Main Street and don’t forget to follow to see the new arrivals. Enter below for your chance to win a $150 gift card for use in-store or online.


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