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      Oh Canada, land of legalized weed and polite people.

      Ooooh Canada, if it were only that simple…

      Lately, alongside talks of legalization, it seems that cannabis has become somewhat of a trending topic—with late-night hosts, musicians, actors, politicians, authors, even books, magazines, and entire movies dedicated to promoting the legitimization of the cannabis culture.

      Let’s be honest though, there’s a very big difference between famous people— far from being policed and judged for their cannabis use— and the rest of society. For regular folks, it’s still hard to feel comfortable with weed while so many individuals remain in prison, or with permanent criminal records based on cannabis convictions. Even with great organizations like working hard to “right the historical wrongs caused by cannabis criminalization”, there still seems to be a lot of grey area to navigate.

      So let’s start at the beginning, with seeds. Cannabis seeds are often overlooked, but growing your own plants at home is pretty straightforward. As Canadians continue to push for organic lifestyles, why should their weed be any different? Especially since Canada has legalized growing up to four cannabis plants at home.

      Crop King Seeds

      Not only does this give you quality control, growing your own weed from seeds takes away a lot of anxiety around where to purchase it and where it came from. In some cases, companies also facilitate advice from growing experts, no matter how green—or black—your thumb is.

      Reputable online companies like have an established brand with a large following of repeat customers and high quality seeds.

      Alternatively, newer startups like are emerging in the cannabis industry, offering 23 new strains and boasting to have something for everyone.

      Both companies offer in-depth information on their websites for choosing the right seeds, have around-the-clock customer service agents available via phone or online chat, and very clear germination instructions.

      Eventually, the stigma surrounding cannabis will change, as it did after the end of alcohol prohibition. Going to a weed shop for your favourite strain will be as conventional as picking up your favourite bottle of red wine at your local liquor store.

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