COVID-19: Air Canada temporarily halts flights between Canada and the U.S.

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      Canadian largest airline is temporarily suspending its commercial flights to and from the United States.

      In the wake of an agreement between Canadian and U.S. governments to extend border restrictions on non-essential travel for an additional 30-day period, Air Canada announced today (April 21) that it will suspend all scheduled commercial service to the U.S., with its last scheduled flights operating on Sunday (April 26).

      The airline plans to resume service on May 22 but will remain subject to any additional government restrictions that are announced.

      Customers with bookings during this period will be able to reschedule their flights without any change fees.

      Air Canada has reduced its flight schedule by over 90 precent due to the pandemic. After the first announcement of restrictions between Canada and the U.S., Air Canada only continued limited service to 11 U.S. destinations from three Canadian airports, and was primarily operating to help the repatriation of Canadians.

      Non-essential travel between the U.S. and Canada was originally restricted on March 21.

      Previously, the federal government announced on April 14 that service was temporarily being reduced at 27 land border crossings across the nation and will remain in effect until the Quarantine Act, prohibiting entry into Canada from the U.S. expires.

      In British Columbia, the affected border locations with reduced hours are at Cascade, Nelway, and Rykerts.

      Canada has had almost 39,000 COVID-19 cases and 1,900 deaths while the United States has had approximately 814,600 cases and 43,800 deaths.

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