Burnaby tech company enables offices to reopen in COVID-19 era with contactless screening of visitors and staff

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      Traction Guest often says it has taken visitor management beyond the lobby and into the cloud.

      And this week, the Burnaby-based tech firm announced that its ZeroTouch™ contactless screening system enables organizations "to safely manage the return of employees and visitors to the workplace and better protect open locations amidst the COVID-19 crisis".

      “Organizations must prepare for the unexpected by perceiving visitors and employees as one universal risk management challenge," Traction Guest CEO Keith Metcalfe said in a company news release. "Employee and visitor safety is a first priority and must be managed proactively according to the regulations for different regions and a facility’s levels of risk tolerance at a given time.” 

      Its visitor-management system platform provides a real-time view of who is visiting an organization's facilities anywhere in the world.

      Employees and visitors can be prescreened, preregistered, and even receive printed ID badges without coming into contact with people inside an office. 

      According to the chief technical officer, Cameron Wiebe, its system will help organizations implement access strategies should a second wave of COVID-19 cases break out.

      “One of the core design challenges of building an enterprise-class system for on-site population risk management is that not everyone can download an app," he said. "Our engineering team solved this dilemma, eliminating the need for anyone to touch a communal device.”

      In addition, it's possible to customize location-specific registration through its portal. 

      This has taken on greater urgency as COVID-19 outbreaks are occurring in one part of a company's operations but not in others.

      "Traction Guest has long helped regulated industries such as food manufacturing and healthcare meet stringent compliance and safety requirements for people entering regulated worksites," the CEO, Metcalfe, said. "We expect to see rapidly evolving safety standards across all industries emerging from the global pandemic.

      "This will entail staggered and limited access to certain areas and facilities, temperature checks, masks, PPE, social distancing and requirements for a fully contactless on-site experience." 

      The video below offers more insights into how its platform works.

      Video: Learn how Traction Guest's contactless visitor-management platform works.

      Traction Guest was one of the first four companies to receive funding in 2018 from a $100-million Canadian venture fund created by Salesforce Ventures.

      Last year, it generated $17 million in financing with the help of Salesforce and Bessemer Venture Partners.