COVID-19: Canadians blame Chinese government for pandemic, survey by Vancouver pollster shows

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      Thousands have died around the world because of COVID-19.

      Millions more are suffering because of the novel coronavirus that was first reported in China in December 2019.

      In tragedies like this, people ask who or what caused the calamity.

      Canadians were asked by Research Co., a Vancouver polling company, about what they think, and they came back with an answer.

      “Two thirds of Canadians (66%) believe the Government of the People’s Republic of China should take responsibility for its role in the COVID-19 outbreak,” Research Co. announced on its website Tuesday (March 24).

      “This includes majorities of Canadians who voted for the Conservatives (76%), the Liberals (66%) and the New Democrats (61%) in the 2019 federal election,” added the company led by president Mario Canseco.

      A number of Canadians want the country to go after the Chinese government.

      “When asked if the Government of Canada should consider launching legal action against the People’s Republic of China on account of the COVID-19 outbreak, about one third of Canadians (32%) agree but a majority (52%) disagree,” Research Co. stated.

      These sentiments were found from an online survey among 1,000 adults in Canada.

      The poll was done from March 21 to March 22, 2020.

      See the complete survey results here.