Corduroy Restaurant in Kitsilano announces two-day closure due to lack of food, not public health order

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      Two Vancouver restaurants are no longer allowing customers to dine inside their establishments after initially refusing to comply with a provincial health order.

      Over Instagram, Corduroy Restaurant on Cornwall Avenue stated that it appreciates the support it has received for serving meals to dine-in customers in defiance of Dr. Bonnie Henry's instruction to stop doing this.

      On Saturday (April 3), Vancouver police and public-health officers visited Corduroy but nobody was fined or arrested, according to CTV News.

      Henry ordered an end to dining inside restaurants after a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases in  B.C., including in the Vancouver Coastal health region.

      "This last year has been incredibly difficult for all of us," Corduroy said on its social-media account. "We have sold out of food and decided to close tonight and tomorrow to celebrate Easter with our little fam. Back open Tuesday at 4pm!"

      Its stance has received a mixed response, with one person describing the staff as "Canadian hero's [sic]".

      But another commenter expressed a desire that staff and patrons happily waive their rights to health care should any of them get ill. And another wanted the restaurant to lose its liquor licence.

      Leaders in B.C.'s antimask movement, including Marco Pietro, were shown on Facebook inside the restaurant on April 2 after Henry had issued her order.

      "It's like we're not even dealing with COVID," Pietro said at a table surrounded by his friends after an antimask rally earlier in the day. "You guys want to join us for dinner? Come on in."

      Later in the video, Pietro introduced Corduroy's owner, Rebecca Matthews, and urges his viewers to come to the restaurant. Then he walked outside and continued speaking.

      "Don't forget about Federico Fuoco who owns Gusto over in...Olympic Village area," Pietro said. "He was out and gave a great speech today."

      He also claimed that the news, including CTV were "behind us".

      Video: Health inspectors were forced to leave Corduroy this weekend.

      Last week on one of his Facebook live broadcasts, Pietro declared that if public-health officials and politicians were living in biblical times, they would have been "fed to lions, lit on fire, hung up, strung up" and "ripped from their houses, ripped from their vehicles".

      He later professed that he wasn't advocating violence.

      "I just said some rhetoric like 'back in the day, things would be handled a lot differently.' That's not me advocating violence. That's me speaking on history when people are tyrannical."

      A second establishment, Gusto, remained open at the Olympic Village after the public-health order was issued. Its owner, Fuoco, complained to the media about being blindsided, noting that Walmart and Costco can remain open whereas restaurants can't serve dine-in customers.

      Vancouver Coastal Health ordered the restaurant to close.