Demonstrators outside Rolly's Restaurant diss media coverage of vaccine passports

According to Global B.C., one speaker described the COVID-19 vaccine as "an experimental kill shot", "child abuse", and "murder"

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      Today (October 16), Global B.C. news reporter Paul Johnson waded into another protest of antivaxxers.

      It was in the B.C. community of Hope, where about 100 demonstrators had gathered outside Rolly's Restaurant.

      Rolly's has continued to refuse to ask diners to show the B.C. Vaccine Card in defiance of a provincial health order. The District of Hope is fining the restaurant owner $100 per day. The province has suspended Rolly's liquor licence.

      According to Johnson, some of the protesters described Global's reporting as "disgusting" because they felt that the media does not present the views of those who oppose vaccine passports.

      One of the speakers reportedly described the COVID-19 vaccine as "an experimental kill shot", "child abuse", and "murder".

      The protest came two days after Health Minister Adrian Dix revealed that 58 residents of the Northern Health Region were flown to Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island hospitals because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      There were 45 COVID-19 patients among them, including 44 who were unvaccinated.

      It's not the first time that Johnson has not been welcomed when he's shown up to report on hostility to vaccinations or vaccine passports.

      Meanwhile, another opponent of vaccine passports, Svetlana Dalla Lana, has described the government's measures to contain the spread of the virus as a "horrendous horror movie".

      Dalla Lana is a registered nurse in the B.C. community of Christina Lake.

      "We ARE at war. A war that won’t have you dodging metal bullets but a war of deception, lies, distrust and a FULL lack of INTEGRITY," Dalla Lana declared on her Facebook page. "The results have been MASS casualty. Our country is bleeding out as you read this. It’s in a critical stage of LIFE and DEATH. All hands on deck to REVIVE Canada."

      According to her Facebook page, Dalla Lana has tried to organize protests against vaccine passports outside long-term care homes in Grand Forks.

      "We stand here in support of healthcare workers who lost their job because of the 'vax' AND in support of healthcare workers who were coerced to take the 'vax' to keep their jobs," Dalla Lana wrote on October 12.

      Last month, she promoted a "freedom" rally on her Facebook page.

      She's currently associated with the Ezra Wellness Clinic, which is being opened in Grand Forks. It will cater to unvaccinated patients.

      According to a Facebook post, the CEO of Ezra is "God".