Rolly's owner brings Christian right-wing activist Tanya Gaw to court to assist in battling Fraser Health Authority

Gaw has frequently tried to rouse the public to oppose the B.C. Vaccine Card program

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      Lawyers for Fraser Health Authority and the provincial health officer were in court on October 20 trying to shut down Rolly's Restaurant in Hope.

      It came as a result of Rolly's owner, Marlene Abeling, consistently refusing to ask patrons to produce a B.C. Vaccine Card before being allowed into the restaurant.

      That matter was adjourned until this afternoon (October 21).

      Abeling brought one right-wing activist, Tanya Gaw, to court with her, according to a Facebook post by Christian activist Kari Simpson.

      Gaw, who's associated with a group called Action4Canada (A4C), was one of the featured speakers at an October 16 rally outside Rolly's.

      According to Simpson's post, the judge did not allow Gaw to speak.

      In the past, Action4Canada has accused "LGBT forces" of working with "Islam to undermine Christian civilization", according to an article on the website.

      Over Twitter, Gaw has also accused "political Islam" of threatening to "murder Canadians, stone homosexuals and carry the Jews out in body bags".

      On its website, Action4Canada urges its supporters to write to school boards to oppose mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for educators. It's claimed that if school boards require vaccinations, this opens trustees up to "personal liability" under the School Act.

      Gaw has also given a platform to others who oppose vaccine passports, including David Lindsay. An organizer of rallies in Kelowna, Lindsay appeared on Gaw's online show last week.

      CBC reported last month that Lindsay is a follower of the Freeman-on-the-land ideology. People who subscribe to this philosophy believe that they can declare themselves as "sovereign citizens" and act independently of government and the laws that governments pass.

      The court hearing came on the same day that Vancouver Coastal Health ordered the closure of Corduroy Restaurant in Kitsilano.

      Like Abeling, Corduroy owner Rebecca Matthews has not required patrons to provide proof of vaccination in order to enter the restaurant.