Vaccine-passport opponent Rebecca Matthews talks about taking City of Vancouver to court over Corduroy's licence

She revealed this in an interview with right-wing vlogger Dan Dicks

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      The City of Vancouver has suspended a restaurateur's business licence until December 31 after it repeatedly refused to ask patrons for proof of vaccination.

      In response to this, Corduroy owner Rebecca Matthews says that she may launch litigation against the City of Vancouver to get it back sooner than that.

      "I think the only way to get that is to force them via the courts," Matthews told right-wing vlogger Dan Dicks in an interview posted on YouTube

      In addition to the city suspending Corduroy's business licence, the restaurant was also ordered to close by Vancouver Coastal Health on October 20.

      She told Dicks that the health authority could approve a safety plan by Corduroy as soon as next week. And she believes that this would force the city's hand in a legal sense.

      "They can't take away your licence if you haven't broken the law, which we haven't technically done," Matthews stated.

      In the recent interview, Matthews told Dicks that a GoFundMe page is raising money for the legal fight. As of this writing, it's generated more than $16,500 toward its $25,000 goal.

      She also mentioned that Corduroy could choose to operate like a fast-food restaurant. Under this model, patrons would order at the front and then eat at the table.

      She indicated that this could free Corduroy from requiring patrons to provide proof of vaccination.

      "We've been labelled a public-safety hazard in the way we were operating," Matthews said in the interview. "We have an issue with this because we even have video evidence of malls' food courts packed, McDonald's dining room packed—with no restrictions on time or how long someone can stay there in place.

      "So how is our small restaurant—operating in the same sense as they are—a safety hazard?"

      Matthews also noted in her interview with Dicks that the provincial health order allows gatherings of fewer than 50 people.

      "Our restaurant is 46 seats," she told Dicks. "If we call ourselves an event, does that make us safe?"

      Matthews also told Dicks that her family has owned Corduroy for more than 13 years. Moreover, she said that customers have been lining up around the block to visit her establishment because she doesn't ask questions about their medical status.

      Rebecca Matthews posed with Dan Dicks for this image on Dicks's Press for Truth website.
      Press for Truth

      Interviewer described vaccine passport as a "kill shot" 

      The interviewer, Dicks, has been a vocal critic of vaccine passports on his "Press for Truth" broadcasts and at public rallies.

      In July 2020, YouTube shut down Dicks's channel. This came after he had been sanctioned for a post about a conspiracy theory called "Pizzagate".

      Last summer, he was one of the speakers outside Vancouver City Hall following a controversial demonstration at Vancouver General Hospital.

      At that time, he claimed that the COVID-19 vaccination "is the pandemic" and insisted that there's a 99.97 percent recovery rate from the virus.

      "Delta shmelta," Dicks said at the time. "I've got the alpha and the omega."

      The Full Fact website has declared that it's false to claim that the COVID-19 recovery rate is 99.97 percent.

      "This is likely based on estimates of how many people have died after catching Covid-19, but gives a figure for the death rate that is far too low," the Full Fact website says. "Additionally, it’s wrong to say that anybody who hasn’t died from Covid-19 has 'recovered', because some patients remain ill for a long time."  

      The B.C. government has reported that 2,096 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 since the pandemic began early last year.

      This puts the death rate at just over one percent of all those who've tested positive in B.C. If all five million British Columbians were to contract COVID-19, based on this percentage, there would be more than 50,000 deaths.

      Currently, there are 377 B.C. residents in hospital and 136 in intensive care due to COVID-19, according to the most recent statistics.

      For his part, Dicks has accused the government of launching an "information war" against the public. And in the past, he's described vaccine passports as a "kill shot".

      Dicks has also alleged that the government really wants to impose martial law.

      "The real conspiracy is COVID-19 is not what's responsible for destroying your business and your neighbour's businesses," Dicks said at the city-hall rally. "The government did that."

      Then he said that he's exempt from taking the vaccine because he says he's exempt.

      Dan Dicks posted video of himself shooting at a target as part of "COVID-19(84) apocalypse training".
      Facebook screen shot

      Former premier also speaks to Dicks

      Dicks has also made no secret of being a firearms enthusiast.

      He posted video of himself on Facebook shooting guns at a target, describing this as "Covid-19(84) apocalypse training".

      In the past, he's accused French president Emmanuel Macron of falling prey to a pedophile ring. Dicks has said that this is what led Macron into the investment banking world and accounts for his strong support for vaccinations of children.

      More recently, Dicks interviewed former B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm, also an opponent of vaccine passports.

      In this broadcast, Dicks repeated his claim of a 99.97-percent recovery rate.

      According to Vander Zalm, vaccine requirements by the federal and provincial governments are "scary".

      In the interview, the former premier also accused governments of acting in a secretive manner and said that chemical and pharmaceutical companies were "making fortunes" from the pandemic.

      "It's so strange that everyone has to be vaccinated," Vander Zalm told Dicks. "Why does everyone have to be vaccinated?"

      The former premier also suggested that the pandemic is being exploited by those who want to impose global communism.

      According to Vander Zalm, somebody is trying to launch a "Great Reset", which scares him.

      "I think the end game is fascism. Maybe communism?" Vander Zalm said. "I think communism, in my opinion, is the more likely route that they want to go because it came out of China.

      "They have a different type of communism in there," the former premier continued. "It's not like Stalin used to have it. It's different. They're playing it a little bit smarter from a communistic standpoint. I guess when they talk about the Great Reset, they're talking about a globalist type of government."

      Populist former B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm wonders if there's a billionaire-supported Communist conspiracy to form a world government.
      Stephen Hui

      Vander Zalm claimed that this is being supported by the world’s richest people.

      “This new type of communism, fascism or whatever it is they want to establish globally, it seems to be well received by the billionaires,” he said.

      Vander Zalm's interview with Dicks was reposted on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones's far-right Infowars website. 

      Jones and Dicks have spent time together in the past, as shown by the photo below, which was posted on Dicks's Facebook page.

      In 2013, Dan Dicks (upper left) was photographed with Alex Jones (second from bottom right).

      One of the Infowars' hosts, Owen Shroyer, was charged criminally in connection with the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

      Shroyer entered into a deferred prosecution agreement in February 2020 to perform 32 hours of community service and pledging not to violate any laws.

      (An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Shroyer "subsequently" entered into a deferred prosecution agreement; that, in fact, occurred a year earlier in connection with a separate incident. In addition, the word "passport" was missing from a subheading in the original story.)