lets you know when to avoid lineups at Metro Vancouver stores

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      In the midst of a pandemic, the last thing consumers want to do is wait in line.

      Now, there's a new website to help people avoid doing that. relies on crowdsourced information to reveal wait times to get into food, drug, and liquor stores across Metro Vancouver. 

      And there is a long list of retail outlets on the website, offering consumers an easy way to determine where to go if they want to save time.

      Best of all, it's free to use.

      Created by former University of Houston basketball player Mae Woods and software engineer Pan Khantidara, is starting to attract the interest of the public.

      Software engineer Pan Khantidhara spent five days working on the website.

      This afternoon, Woods tweeted that the website received more than 2,000 visitors after being mentioned on Global B.C. News.

      Since then, the number has surpassed 3,000.

      "Pan called me on Sunday with the idea of a 'lineup wait time' website after a talk with her mom," Woods told the Straight. "Her mom was frustrated with how long the lines were and suggested a platform that could ease this frustration."  

      Woods, a resident of Maple Ridge, is also the public relations manager of Kinzoo, a local tech company that created a kid-safe messenger app for families.

      Khantidhara lives in Vancouver and spent a week developing the project. Woods is overseeing the marketing.